The “Content Crisis” | 3 Strategies to help moms create content, consistently!

Some “momma creatives” are struggling to create content, consistently. They’ve slipped into  what I’m calling the “Content Crisis”. These mommas may have amazing ideas, but aren’t sure how to formulate those ideas into “post-able” content.  Or if they do create the content, they struggle to remain consistent! And let’s not forget to mention, time is not always on our side!

Momma, is this you? If so, keep reading! I’m sharing 3 tips to help you overcome the “content crisis”, that you can apply TODAY!

1. Clarity!

Answer the following: Who are you (how do you want to position yourself)? Who are you speaking to (your audience)? What message, story, or lesson do you want to share, and why (purpose, goal)? And how would you like to share it? Text, video, audio..etc? When it comes to content I truly believe clarity and authenticity are essential. This helps with attracting, launching and selling, if that’s your end goal.  Outside of that, you can get as creative and expressive as you’d like. Are there certain platforms that respond “better”  to certain types of content? of course. For example reels are still very hot on IG… but the type of reels you create are completely up to you. I’ve seen reels that are all text from an author promoting a new book, and others from stylists with no words but rather a step by step showing how to use a new product. I’ve seen a bunch of funny ones, and others that were created to bring awareness to social injustice.  And guess what, I’ve also seen very impactful platforms that don’t use reels at all. So truly, it is up to you! The key is to get clear about who you are, who you serve, and plan accordingly.

2. Consistency!

Since becoming a mom, batching my content has been a game changer. And if I’m being honest it has helped me to be more consistent. Wild how planning can do that! Where I once was able to create in the moment, I now have a whole toddler to consider. And sis is busy! Outside of nap time and bed time, I feel like she’s always on 100, and I gotta keep both eyes on her lol. So creating ain’t easy, but I made it a point to figure out a way to show up in business, without sacrificing time with my little lady! So I looked at my schedule, and decided that I would select one day every week were I would give myself the time, space and grace to create content freely, without interruption and more importantly without the guilt of stepping away from my child! So every Sunday, I have my plan of ideas and I escape for 2-3 hours in the morning (before hubby goes to work) to focus on creating. From creating image quotes, recording videos and reels, to planning and scheduling my blog posts and clubhouse rooms… Sunday is my day to create!

3. Confidence!

Most of us lack confidence because we don’t believe in ourselves, or we’ve been comparing ourselves to others. This was huge for me. Before I got clear on who I am, and who I’m called to serve, I wasn’t as bold, confident or consistent. I was constantly looking at the other mommy pages, feeling somewhat out of place because my message went against the norm. Listen, even my brand colors were different than the usual mauves and pastels. But once your girl got clarity, and remembered that being all of me is necessary to attract the moms I’m called to serve, my confidence grew exponentially.  Now, you can’t tell me, or my brightly colored posts, anything! I’m being all of me; bright, bold, unapologetically me!

It’s also important to give yourself permission to be a beginner. So many times we start out and expect everything to be peaches and cream from day one, and it typically doesn’t work out that way! Just because your content hasn’t gone viral, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have impact! Just because you didn’t get a million views, doesn’t mean it hasn’t added value. And we all know it only takes a few clients to really make an impact financially. So, stop looking around, and focus on you.  Know that you are called, and what you have to add is needed for such a time as this! So share that quote, record and upload that video, tell that funny impactful story… do it, share it, and show up…confidently!


Have you been struggling with content?  What tips would you add that have worked for you? Comment Below!




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Day 3 “Permission to Dream” | The Mommy Devotional

Many of of us as moms are in constant go mode. We’re living out the narratives of others, going with the flow of what others have told us mom life should look like, without really taking the time to decided if that “flow” is what we really want for ourselves! 

That’s exactly what happened to me! Before I went through my own personal Mommy MakeOver, I didn’t even realize that I was following some pretty limiting narratives.  From “your sex life won’t be the same after kids”, to “you won’t have a life until your kids are grown…”, and even “You’re going to feel mom guilt for the rest of your life”. (Yes, sis… someone told me that)!

like why is that the norm??

Well I decided to let go of those limiting beliefs (read day two), and I gave myself permission to dream and decide for myself! Like, literally! I sat down and wrote out everything I wanted and desired for myself in every area of my life! From my mindset, to my marriage, in my home and business…I had to redefine mom life for myself! And can I tell you this, the intimacy in my marriage is popping (🗣 you hear me), I’ve implemented systems & strategies so that I no longer sit in overwhelm or mommy guilt, and I’m creating and living  my best life right now! YAAAASSS!!!

I had to redefine mom life on my terms! 


What about you momma? 

✨What kind of mom do you want to be?
✨What kind of marriage do you want to have?
✨What type of business do you want to build?
✨What about your children? How do you want to show up for them?
✨Ever think about your day? How do you want that to flow?
✨What about you, momma? What kind of woman do you want to be?
✨How do you want to show up for yourself?

I pose  a very similar line of questions to the moms I work with. We do an exercise where I present to them what I call “The Harmony Wheel”, and they use this as a visual guide to decide what they desire!  From their faith, to their fitness journey… all the way to their finances, my moms are required to dream! And I don’t mean wishy washy, shallow dreams. No momma,  we get really real, and super specific! The work is deep, revealing,  and I truly believe this activates Ephesians 3:20.  From my perspective, how can expect God to do “infinitely MORE than our greatest request”, if we haven’t even decided what we wanted for ourselves?

Like I know, God can do anything. But please don’t miss the point here! God honors and responds to specificity! 

So I encourage you…

Give yourself the grace, space and permission to dream and actually admit to yourself WHAT YOU desire! Matt 7:7-8 is your promise, as a whole mom…. so dream momma, don’t leave anything on the table! 

You deserve the life you desire!


I encourage you to spend some time with God, today! As you reflect on today’s verse and listen to today’s worship, what is God saying to you? What do you desire for your life?  


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Day 1 “The Invitation” | The Mommy Devotional

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but God is saying “come to me”. He is inviting you to experience His peace, for He is “our oasis”! Lay your burdens, your mommy guilt, your stress, your overwhelm at His feet, allowed Him to refresh your life, and replace what you’ve been trying to control with His ways! 

I remember when I’d reached my breaking point!

I got completely overwhelmed. After unsuccessfully trying to rock my daughter to sleep for over 2 hours (one of my triggers), I gave my daughter to my husband, went into the bathroom, closed the door and fell to my knees…sobbing! You know that cry that comes from the pit of your inner most being? Lawd!

It wasn’t just the rocking of my daughter that got to me.  It was everything that was seemingly not working… all the projects I couldn’t complete, all the time I didn’t have, all the support I felt was lacking, all the talk without the results… I felt so defeated… as a mom, in my business, in life… it was painful.

I remember crying out to God like “This is too much”! I’m like, “why would You call me to be a mom for me to feel like this”?

What was I missing? I’m like, “God, If You don’t take over I’m not gonna make it”!!!

That was the moment I accepted the invitation! That was the moment I dropped it all off in His presence! That was my moment of surrender… truly and completely! I’d finally let go of control, and over the next few months got super intentional about joining my life with His!  

You may be thinking, “Reese, But how did you join your life with His”? Girl, simple! I Spent time with Him… EVERY DAY! I got up early, did my devotions, prayed, and ended with a 21 day mediation (which I still do today). I Spent time in His word. I Spent a whole lot of time in worship. I Spent time asking, knocking and receiving!

I stopped making spending time with God some big overwhelming “to-do”. It became a delight to spend time with Him! Sometimes I think we overcomplicate things, which I believe to be a distraction. God simply wants us to come to Him and spend time with Him, and as we do we’ll realize that He’s “gentle, and easy to please”!

Next, I took the time to learn His ways!  The mommy systems and strategies that I use and teach, aren’t just things I created, I truly believe they are divine! God showed me a blueprint (His ways), and each time I apply what He’s showed me… with every nudge to take action no matter how wild or small…it’s always spot on! 

In learning His ways, I had to unlearn my ways! Y’all… that process is…. ummm… yea!!! I’m still unlearning, and dismantling limiting beliefs;  cancelling everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of Who God says I am!!!! 

Momma what about you? Ever felt overwhelmed as a mom? Burnt out? How about mom guilt? Are you in need of REST? Yup, I know girl! I know you know!

I’m almost 99% sure that if you’re reading this you can totally relate! The question is will you accept the invitation to experience the oasis of God’s presence, exchanging your burden for His rest? The rest that brings peace, clarity…. direction! Whew!!!! Are you ready to join your life with His,  learn His ways, and allow Him to refresh your life? “For all that God requires of you will be pleasant and easy to bear”!

The Choice is yours!

I encourage you to spend some time with God, today! As you reflect on today’s verse and listen to today’s worship, what is God saying to you? How does this apply to your journey as a mom? 



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Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself | + 5 Day Devotional Just for Moms

Let’s get right to it!  I’ve fully embraced that I am now a mom, and the way in which I’m called to show up has shifted accordingly! I wasn’t in favor at first! Y’all I was running… but I’m so glad I gave God my yes, and have already seen how my story and what I’m called to do is for such a time as this! So with all of that  I just wanted to take a super quick moment to reintroduce myself, my blog, and where we’re going next!


Soooo, my name is Reese (obvi), and I’m a wife, a whole momma to a very active “yummy little nugget” named Dream, and I am on a serious and purposeful mission to empower other married mompreneurs like myself; mommas who are ready to ditch the overwhelm, create and master harmony, all while creating an exciting and fulfilling life! A life worth bragging about!

What I’ve learned is that everything that God promises in His word, applies to me! He’s not holding anything back, and as I continue to stay connected to Him, He will surely give me the blueprint to create the life I deserve and desire! Yes, as a whole mom… and He wants the same for you, momma!

Millennial Mom Chat is my outlet y’all! It’s the space where I can share my journey as a whole mom, all while empowering and inspiring you to get results in your life; mind, body and in business! MY life has its challenges, but I truly believe moms can create and enjoy a fulfilling life! A life where you can show up for yourself, for your babies… and in your marriage without having to sacrifice one for the other! It’s all about Harmony and flow! Yaassssss!

So whether you’ve been rocking with me since the beginning back in 2010 👀, or you’re just joining the party, I’m so grateful that you’re here,  and I’m so ready share, hear from you, and most importantly empower you to become the best version of yourself as a whole mom! Manifesting overflow and results in every area of your life; mind, body and in business! Let’s do this!


I would love to hear from you! Comment below, tell me a little about yourself!

Coming up!

Join me right here on the blog from Feb 1st – Feb 5th for a 5 day devotional just for just as mommas! As a subscriber everything will come straight to your inbox! Yaaass! It’s gonna be so so good!



How to Take Action Today!

Yesterday I hosted a room on #Clubhouse titled “Momma, It’s Time to Take Action”.

What I know is that in many instances we as moms don’t take action because we feel like we don’t have the time Or when we do take action, we overwhelm ourselves trying to do it all at once!

But what would it look like if you took THAT BIG GOAL and broke it down into bite sized action steps? What would it look like if instead of thinking you have to do everything in one day,  you gave yourself a week… a month?

Let me give you a personal example! And you betta not judge me! lol

Okay, soooo….. Shortly after lockdown due to COVID, I quickly realized the need to implement a digital/virtual component to my business. I got this bomb idea to create a group program just for stylists (that’s who I was serving at the time).

Y’all I got right to work!  I set a start date for 10 days out (SMH), and starting thinking of how to show up online to attract people for the program! If you know me, you know I love video, so I started creating content, doing IG lives… like y’all I I was in grind mode.  I literally rushed to put something together to respond to the pandemic, and within 10 days I launched and I onboarded 5 stylists for my first ever group program.


Now on the outside looking in, that all seems exciting! Right? Responding to a pressing need and offering a dope solution in 10 days!

But can I be real… I was overwhelmed in the process!

▶️ I hadn’t fully communicated what I needed from my husband to support the times I needed to show up for calls. I was just making it work. (I’lll have to share how he felt in another post… Lawd!)

▶️ I wasn’t fully present with Dream, she was younger so it was easier to work while with her. (this was before I had my mommy schedule, and I felt so guilty looking at her little face… but I didn’t know better at the time)

▶️ I was completely burnt out by the time the program ended. Showing up, as a fairly new mom, without a clear plan of how my home would run while working and serving my clients… at the start of a pandemic! Whew Chile!!

And although I am grateful for the results I was able to help my clients achieve in the program, especially helping them to  increase their income in the midst of a pandemic (I’m extremely proud of that).  I also know that I could have done things differently, and been more intentional about planning, to ensure that I was taking care of me in the process!

I now operate completely differently!

With my upcoming Mommy MakeOver Program, I’ve put together a complete plan to break down my big goal into smaller bite sized action steps, to be taking over the next 6 weeks! This is completely new for me! With every masterclass, webinar and program I’ve done in the past… I’ve never given myself this much time to really get the momentum going… and I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out!  From my launch plan, to my content, to how I’m onboarding my bomb moms into the program… there is such a flow on this side!

My husband is aware of my plans and although support was never an issue, being clear about what I need from him makes his “job” easier, and we can avoid unnecessary tension.

With my mommy schedule, I have designated days where I can go all in working on my business, taking calls…I even have a set day to batch create content. I no longer have to sacrifice time with my family.

✨I am so confident in the transformation I bring to my clients, and I now know the value I add. Y’all I’m now doing for myself what I’ve done for my clients, and increasing my income without the hustle and grind. Like I said, there is a flow on this side… and it feels amazing!

So momma, again, I ask you…. what would it look like if you took THAT BIG GOAL and broke it down into bite sized action steps? I know it can seem overwhelming to get started… or perhaps you were like me and the overwhelm is coming from trying to do it all at once… without a clear plan. Lawd!

The vision doesn’t have to overwhelm you, and with a plan in place you can avoid the guilt of feeling like you’re stealing time from your loved ones! That, coupled with knowing the value you bring to the marketplace… girl… it’s a win all around!

Momma, the choice is yours!






If you’re curious about how to work with me, in my upcoming Mommy MakeOver Program, click here to learn more. Space is extremely limited, so if you know this is for you don’t delay!