This is Happening and You’re Invited | Mommy Slay Hour

Calling all my bomb Mommas!!

Okay, I am hyped, and I ain’t coming down no time soon!

Your girl is hosting a whole virtual event just for us mommas to show up and SLAY… And you are invited! Yes, you momma!

Grab your fave lippie, throw on some lashes, grab that yummy number you’ve been dying to wear and join us for what is sure to be one of the “littiest” (aaayeeee) virtual mommy socials to date! 

Click the invite above, or click here to register for free!  Can’t wait to connect!


Day 5 “Unshakeable Confidence” | The Mommy Devotional


Standing firm, knowing who you are, and Whose you are…That is unshakable confidence!

With this level of confidence you know that God is for you, and His promises apply to you, as a whole mom! You’re not comparing your journey as a mom to anyone else’s, nor are you trying to outdo or outrun anyone… not even your “haters”. You’re creating and living your bomb life, on your terms… mastering the Harmony and flow that works in alignment with what you desire. 

So let’s talk about Harmony.

Mastering Harmony is all about knowing how to navigate the seasons of your journey. This is why you must have the confidence to remain focused on you, without looking to the left or to the right. When you’re  “drinking your water and minding your business”, keeping your eyes on Christ, you’ll know exactly how to align your expectations, priorities and honor your boundaries. And as the scripture says “we prosper and excel in every season by serving the Lord”, that is being in alignment with Him.

Momma, it is our “Union with Christ” that allows the labor of our hands to be fruitful, because we are following His blueprint  for our lives! I love how clearly Psalm 37:4 explains it Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life,
and he will provide for you what you desire the most“. Like sis, what are you waiting for!

I promise you, once you align with Christ, and finally give yourself permission to…

🔥 Shift your mommy mindset and address limiting beliefs
🔥 Demolish and let go of what no longer serves you
🔥 Dream and rewrite the narrative of what you want mom life to look like for you
🔥 Activate your faith with action, leaving the “how” in God’s hands

… you’ll experience a Mommy Makeover like no other! Everything you desire, is found in Him (remember Psalm 37:4)!

Just imagine how it would feel finally figure out how to experience 

The Time freedom you desire, doing what you want when you want
Harmony & Flow in your home, instead of chaos and overwhelm 
Clarity, CONFIDENCE & consistency in your business, instead of confusion and burnout
Increased influence, impact and income,  instead of busy work and lack
A selfcare & fitness routine that lasts, without the mom guilt
Increased intimacy in your marriage, a sex life that excites you
Spiritual wholeness & alignment, knowing who you are, WHOSE you are

Momma, I know… it would be amazing! And let me tell you… this is exactly what God desires for your life as well! He wants you whole, to be in good health and to prosper! This is how we can show up fully for our families! We have to live in overflow. God is not holding anything back from you, and if you’re courageous enough to redefine mom life on your terms, and you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm and unapologetically create the life you desire and deserve… I want to extend an invitation for you to learn more about how we continue our journey together to make this your reality! Click here to learn more!

Remember, God isn’t holding anything back from you. You deserve the life you desire! 


As you reflect on today’s verse, and listen to today’s worship, Ask God to show you how to confidently show up and take action!  Ask God to bring the people into your life, who are called to empower you and guide you, as you experience your own Mommy MakeOver! 



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Day 3 “Permission to Dream” | The Mommy Devotional

Many of of us as moms are in constant go mode. We’re living out the narratives of others, going with the flow of what others have told us mom life should look like, without really taking the time to decided if that “flow” is what we really want for ourselves! 

That’s exactly what happened to me! Before I went through my own personal Mommy MakeOver, I didn’t even realize that I was following some pretty limiting narratives.  From “your sex life won’t be the same after kids”, to “you won’t have a life until your kids are grown…”, and even “You’re going to feel mom guilt for the rest of your life”. (Yes, sis… someone told me that)!

like why is that the norm??

Well I decided to let go of those limiting beliefs (read day two), and I gave myself permission to dream and decide for myself! Like, literally! I sat down and wrote out everything I wanted and desired for myself in every area of my life! From my mindset, to my marriage, in my home and business…I had to redefine mom life for myself! And can I tell you this, the intimacy in my marriage is popping (🗣 you hear me), I’ve implemented systems & strategies so that I no longer sit in overwhelm or mommy guilt, and I’m creating and living  my best life right now! YAAAASSS!!!

I had to redefine mom life on my terms! 


What about you momma? 

✨What kind of mom do you want to be?
✨What kind of marriage do you want to have?
✨What type of business do you want to build?
✨What about your children? How do you want to show up for them?
✨Ever think about your day? How do you want that to flow?
✨What about you, momma? What kind of woman do you want to be?
✨How do you want to show up for yourself?

I pose  a very similar line of questions to the moms I work with. We do an exercise where I present to them what I call “The Harmony Wheel”, and they use this as a visual guide to decide what they desire!  From their faith, to their fitness journey… all the way to their finances, my moms are required to dream! And I don’t mean wishy washy, shallow dreams. No momma,  we get really real, and super specific! The work is deep, revealing,  and I truly believe this activates Ephesians 3:20.  From my perspective, how can expect God to do “infinitely MORE than our greatest request”, if we haven’t even decided what we wanted for ourselves?

Like I know, God can do anything. But please don’t miss the point here! God honors and responds to specificity! 

So I encourage you…

Give yourself the grace, space and permission to dream and actually admit to yourself WHAT YOU desire! Matt 7:7-8 is your promise, as a whole mom…. so dream momma, don’t leave anything on the table! 

You deserve the life you desire!


I encourage you to spend some time with God, today! As you reflect on today’s verse and listen to today’s worship, what is God saying to you? What do you desire for your life?  


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My Segment on FOX5 DC | Top Tips To Master Online Shopping this Holiday Season!

Okay, I told myself I wouldn’t forget to share all that going on with my most loyal tribe… so here it is… my TV segment with FOX5 DC!

I literally have a 95% success rate when shopping online… meaning I love, keep and wear/use what I find online! This has been of particular importance since becoming a mom living through a whole pandemic! I don’t know about you but your girl doesn’t have time to browse for hours trying to find what I need! For Dream and me!

I would LOVE to hear from you! What’s worked for you with your online shopping experiences? Comment below!



3 Timely Lessons From My First Postpartum Wardrobe Audit

A little over 7 months in and I did it! I kept my commitment to my “no excuses” weekly workout plan, and hosted my first wardrobe audit. Yaaasss!

I gave myself the time I needed and refused to stress myself out trying to become a member of the “I snapped back in 6 weeks” club.  No ma’am not me! I came to terms with this truth, well before Dream arrived and I’m so thankful! So 6ish months in, I finally ventured in for a wardrobe audit, trying on some of my most prized wardrobe pieces. Here are three lesson I learned through that process:

1. Give Yourself Grace.

I’m constantly reminded to give myself grace as I navigate #momlife, and I’ve been very intentional about giving myself that same level of grace in other areas of my life… especially with my body. Listen, being pregnant changed my body completely (😭😭😭) and I’m embracing the process as I “bounce-back”. Girl!!! It has taken me nearly 6 months just to get to a place where I am even comfortable facing my closet, and that is okay. This is a process, and I refuse to rush it or add unnecessary stress. The only person I’m graced to keep up with is MYSELF. And on this journey, grace really has my guiding light! Give Yourself Grace.

2. Things around you MUST shift as your life changes.

My social life has changed. The way in which I conduct business is shifting.  When and where I go and how I am able to show up is no longer the same… so my wardrobe must follow suit. I knew that some of those special pieces wouldn’t serve me the same way as they did before I had Dream, so I had to get really real about what I wanted to keep. Ironically, as my life has expanded, I’ve decided to embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle. This means that I can only embrace the things that can serve me right now.  Yes,  I kept a few date night and girls’ night out ensembles.  But As my life has become more “demanding” with a baby, I made it a point to keep the majority of my wardrobe chic & edgy, yet comfortable and quick. Now don’t get it twisted, I am and always will be #SnatchedforHisglory! I Just had to pivot a bit. The idea is “grab and go”, while still being fabulous! Things around you must shift as your life changes!

3. If it doesn’t serve you, Let it go!

This goes beyond holding onto things that no longer fit. This is more so about holding on to things that no longer serve me. This is about that dress I wore when I went in for my first interview (that I haven’t touched in 2 years), and that gorgeous gown I wore for my baby shower (yes just a matter of months ago).  Those garments were seasonal and I need to thank them for what they did for me and release! Yes, they bring me joy when I remember when I wore them, but when I think of how to incorporate them into my wardrobe NOW… it’s a bit overwhelming. Almost like mental clutter, SERIOUSLY!!  They could easily be passed on to someone else for enjoyment! I know for some of us the mindset is “it’s in great condition”, or “I only wore it once”, but the real question is how will it serve you now? And if it’s causing mental clutter trying to sort it all out, release it!  If it doesn’t serve you, let it go!