VIDEO | Why I Changed my Eating Lifestyle + 3 Tips to Help Embrace Transition in Life! | #momlife

I cannot believe I’ve been a mommy to this little yummy nugget for a WHOLE 7 months!!! 7… I feel like I was tell Keem I was pregnant! I can still see that look he gave me… a mixture of excitement and “okay, this is REALLY happening”! Time is flying, and I am not even mad about it 😂! So thankful for Dream and how God is showing himself faithful as she just blossoming! God’s special gift to us, a true masterpiece, DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! I mean, LOOK AT HER!!

This journey has not been easy! Not only have I had to adjust to being a mommy, who’s village is POWERFUL, yet not so close (come back👀👀👀) lol… but I’ve had to make some serious changes to my diet! Check out my video on WHY I HAD TO CHANGE, along with 3 helpful tips if you find yourself in the midst of Transition! As always… I LOOOOOOVE to hear from you! So be sure to LIKE, Comment, SHARE with someone in need… and subscribe🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


My 33rd Birthday Celebration | Pictures + 5 Lessons Learned at 32!

My birthday this year was everything and then some! I gathered some of my faves for a very intimate celebration, and WE HAD A BALL… ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! Here are a few of the highlights ALONG with 5 lessons learned at 32!


1. Do what you want!

I’ve been wanting to host an event like this for a long while, but the timing was never right, or at least that’s what I used to tell myself. I was so distracted by all the excuses for why I couldn’t, so I didn’t. When I lived in an apartment, “it was too small”. When we bought the house, “it wasn’t furnished enough”, and now this year it almost didn’t happen because “I’m a mom”. Listen, if you look for an excuse you will ALWAYS find one. So I decided to stop putting what I want on hold, And planned the party I wanted! My Champagne Soiree! I bought the decorations that made me feel special, wore the dress that made me feel absolutely BOMB, and enjoyed celebrating ME!

Stop waiting for the perfect moment, and do what you want!


2. Don’t lose yourself

As a new mom this has been so important for me. Yes, I am “Dream’s mom” but I’m Reese first.  And this baby-free celebration was just what momma needed! I have to be fully and wholly me, in order to give my all to being a mommy. This is why I still care for and do things for myself to make sure I feel great. Working out, getting dressed and beautified as often as I can, and making the “me time” has strengthen my awareness of who I am. But this is not just important for moms; it’s a reminder for anyone who finds themselves slowly but surely getting lost in whatever roles they play.

So whether you’re a mom, sister, care taker, wife, business women, entrepreneur… stay connected and aware of who you are, and what makes you happy and whole!


3. Some things aren’t as difficult as you may think, especially when you know your “why”.

Brunch is my absolute favorite meal, and I usually brunch every year for my birthday. This year I knew going out to brunch wouldn’t be the most enjoyable option, due to my dietary restrictions (a whole series on that soon), so I decided to host in my home, and cook/bake the food and treats that I could enjoy!!! (YES, I cooked and baked everything).  Listen, this soy free/dairy free/gluten free/egg free/wheat free life is NOT easy, but it’s also not as difficult as I thought it would be (especially with my “why” in mind). There are so many amazing recipes, and being a #SAHM has given me the opportunity to explore. Now let’s not get it twisted,  there were still challenges preparing for a small gathering with a 6-month old (shout out my own personal Dora Milaje lol who held it down with Dream while I was cooking/cleaning etc), but overall, I did it and I’m so proud of how things turned out!

Don’t knock it until you try it!


4. Surround yourself with the people you love.

Embrace those who add to your life, not take away.



5. Be flexible, be fluid, nothing is etched in stone. Sometimes, things won’t go as planned… and THAT IS OKAY! Enjoy life anyway!

My toes weren’t done, I didn’t get to set up my cupcakes in time, oh and I worked up until the first guest arrived, but it all worked out. Of course I could have sulked the whole evening, sharing the woes of how I was preparing, but I chose to go with the flow and ENJOY MYSELF!! Listen, 32 (and being a mommy) has taught me that I need to be FLEXIBLE. I can’t do it all, I can no longer show up the same way, and I am so thankful for the loved ones who understand and support me!


This vegan, dairy free sweet potato cupcake w/ vegan buttercream frosting was an absolutely hit!

As I go into year 33, I’m keeping my stress level down, using my “no”, prioritizing me and the things/People important to me… and I will live my BEST Abundantly blesses life!! Yaaaassss!!!




My Postpartum Journey | 5 Things That Have Helped Me

A little over 10 weeks in and I felt led to share with you ladies a few of the things that have helped me navigate this space as a new mommy! No, my journey is not perfect, nor easy, but I know I’m built for this!  Watch and Be encouraged! 

And set that reminder for Sunday August 25th for a very special LIVE CHAT with a very special guest discussing pregnancy/postpartum from a mental health perspective!! Stay Tuned for more details!

You ladies know I LOVVVVEEEE to hear from you… comment below… what has helped you as a new mommy?

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My 7 min Delivery | 3 Lessons from My Pregnancy Journey

Yes, you read that correctly! Check out my newest video to find out all the deets about my labor and delivery, along with lessons learned from my pregnancy journey! #NobodybutGod

Enjoy and be encouraged!

Love what you’re seeing?  Don’t want to miss any other posts or videos? Well, be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Join in for more empowerment tips on how to live your best life; mind, business, & relationships.  And be sure to connect with me on Instagram @Reese__Dennis♥️♥️


Week 4 | Fierce 5💍 Marriage Series | Tia Glenn

Fierce 5 Tia Glenn

It’s week 4 of the Fierce 5💍 Marriage Series and this week’s feature has me bouncing in my seat! Yaaaasssss! Tia Glenn, is giving me life with these words of wisdom! Married for 13 years, check out what she has to say about what it takes to build a strong marriage, the importance of plugging into the “Source”, and how to live your “best life” while waiting on God! 

1. How many years have you been married,

and what has being married for xx years taught you?


I have been married for almost 13 years (will celebrate in July of this year).  Every year our relationship and love for one another grows deeper and stronger.

By nature, we can be selfish. Many of us want what we want, how we want it, and when we want it. Marriage shows you who you really are on the inside. I was very selfish in the beginning of our marriage and often focused on what I was getting or not getting from the marriage.  As we began to grow as one and I began to release the emotional baggage from past hurts, failures, and relationships, I learned how to truly love and be loved.

Marriage is unconditional, never failing, unwavering love for one another.

A strong marriage takes commitment, patience, sacrifice, dedication, and a passion to please your spouse.

2. You are definitely a “woman of purpose” how have you navigated that space of being a help-mate for your husband, and a woman with a purpose/platform/ministry? What challenges have you had to overcome and how?

As women, we have many roles. We are business owners, leaders, wives, mothers, daughters, friends, serving our husbands, families, and in our communities and churches.  My most cherished role is being a wife and a mother.  My family always remains my number one priority.  I absolutely enjoy supporting my husband in every way and helping him be his best.   As a woman wearing many hats, it is easy to focus on serving others and to forget to take care of ourselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  If you constantly pour out into others and never take the time to refuel, you will be emptySo as dynamic and powerful ladies, we must continuously plug into our power source, the Holy Spirit.  We must never become so busy that we don’t take that daily personal and intimate time with God to hear His voice, His guidance and direction for our lives.  When our plans intertwine with His plans, there is complete peace of mind, clarity, and balance.

3. What word of advice/wisdom do you have for the young wife who is struggling with “submission”?

Ladies, the struggle is over!  The word submission is defined as “to submit” or “to yield oneself to the authority of another”.  To submit simply means to place yourself under the authority of your husband.  Submission is not a sign of weakness…When you have a Godly husband who loves and submits to the Lord, it is easy to submit because you are submitting to his love, protection, guidance, and his leadership.  Submission is not accomplished by force, but it is a choice.  God does not force us to do anything.  He loves us so much, that he gives us the power of choice.  Submission requires humility and prayer.

4. What about the singles who want to be married, and feel like they’ve been waiting FOREVER? What does it truly mean to “wait on God” as a single woman waiting to be found? Is it just a cliche?

Enjoy your singleness.  Every season of our lives is a gift and has something special to offer.  Live, laugh, and love God and yourself while you wait! Live your best life while you wait for the one God has for you.  When you have a personal relationship with God you TRUST and KNOW that the one He brings in your life will be worth the wait, and specifically designed for you.  During your wait, guard your heart and your mind. #watchyourthoughts.  The mind is so powerful!  The Word says, “as a man thinketh, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). We can literally think things in or out of our lives.  What you believe and think will manifest itself in your life! Don’t you doubt, get discouraged, or give up!

Often times we pray and ask God for our wish list of the “type” of man we want and make plain all the things we “don’t want” in a man.  If your heart’s desire is to be married, God will grant you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).  Focus on your relationship with God and with yourself. You must first love God and yourself before you can love anyone else.  

5. Anything else/advice/wisdom you feel led to share?

Marriage is not for our individual pleasure, although this is a benefit of the covenant relationship.  God’s desire and design for marriage is for it to be a physical depiction of God’s love for us and to bring Him glory.  When we focus on first pleasing God in every area of our lives and loving others as Christ loves us, then everything in your life will fall into place.  There is no doubt that when your plans align with God plans, this ignites supernatural power in your life and you can and will LIVE your BEST life!




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