Day 1 “The Invitation” | The Mommy Devotional

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but God is saying “come to me”. He is inviting you to experience His peace, for He is “our oasis”! Lay your burdens, your mommy guilt, your stress, your overwhelm at His feet, allowed Him to refresh your life, and replace what you’ve been trying to control …

Unleashing Your Greatness | 3 Questions to Help You See the You that God Sees

Hey ladies, Happy Monday!!!! I’m here with another 4-week series, “Unleash Your Greatness“. It’s time to live your ABSOLUTE best life, and today we are focusing on Seeing the You that God Sees! Many times we believe the “truth” that others speak over our lives, whether in our relationships, work spaces or even through social media.  It’s time to LEVEL UP and get back to believing the truth that GOD has spoken over your life. It’s time to UNLEASH the greatness within!  Get your notebooks out, and join me for what’s sure to be an eye opening journey! Enjoy and be encouraged!



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