What I Ordered Vs. What I Got| How to Master Online Shopping

If you’re connected with me on social media, then you’ve seen my most recent online purchase! That Green faux leather peplum number!!! Hotttt!!!

But can I keep it real??? 

The item WAS NOT what I expected! Matte vs. shinny, the color is totally different… I mean, you be the judge!!

Thankfully the size and quality were great, so I was able to WERK IT, and OWN MY SLAY… OKKKURRRT! But, let’s be real this is the exception as oppose to the rule. Right? Sometimes when things don’t line up with our expectations.. we’re left feeling pretty salty!

Have you been here before? Trying to shop online only to have the garment/lingerie/shoes delivered, and it’s NOTHING like you expected. Girl, and what’s even worse… maybe you “got yourself got”, and you aren’t able to make a RETURN! LAWD!!!

Listen, I know about all of the frustrations of online shopping. I’ve got stories! I’ve been around the retail/eCommerce world for over 10 years, and I’ve successfully overcome those pesky online challenges. So much so that nearly 80% of what I own and love was purchased online! Yes… over 80%!! So I’m here to help you… just in time for BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY! Let’s work together!

In this course I’ll be sharing 5 keys to transform your online shopping experience! Complete with a WORKBOOK and Live Walk through of how I navigate online showrooms… you’ll leave this course feeling like an online shopping pro. YAAAASSSS!

We’ll cover:

-Navigating the online shopping world

-How to search effectively and with purpose

-How to use filters/sorting tools to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for

-How to checkout with confidence, using reviews, ratings and return policies to your advantage!

-Live walk-through of how to put it all together just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Whether shopping for clothing, lingerie, accessories, shoes, makeup…etc… after this course you’ll never struggle with online shopping again!! 

How to Master online Shopping Course

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