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That moment when God confirms that you are IN YOUR PURPOSE… plus a 30 day lesson! You don’t want to miss this one! Podcast Ep 6! Listen, comment, share and BE ENCOURAGED!

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Podcast | The Real T.E.A. on How to Be Snatched | #SnatchedSeptember Week 3


Happy #SnatchedSeptember!

Ladies, if you know me then you know I LOVE to SLAY!  I firmly believe in “looking the part”, as we continue to walk in our purpose! 

It’s week 3 of our Snatched September Series, and I am so hyped about today’s topic… (if you missed week 2 you can check it out here). Today, I’m spilling “The Real T.E.A. on How to Be SNATCHED”! Yaaassss!!! Trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss!  Click below to listen to this week’s episode!  Cheers to being snatched. Listen, Be Encouraged, and OWN YOUR SLAY!



Love what you’re seeing?  Don’t want to miss any other posts or videos? Well, be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBEJoin in for more empowerment tips on how to live your best life; mind, body, & relationships.  And be sure to connect with me on Instagram @Reese__Dennis and Facebook Fierce & Refined ♥️♥️

3 Simple Steps to Order (Organize Your Life)

Have you ever found your life to be out of order? Life is good, but you feel like you’re in a constant game of catch up, trying to clean and organize! Well that is exactly how I felt for the first few months of 2016. Yes, months! The struggle was real, until I took a real look in the mirror and asked myself, “What are you going to do about it”.

So what did I do?

Well, I put these 3 simple steps to work in my life, and have had great success! So you know and I am here to share the wealth with you! Let’s win together! 

1. Get Rid of Waste: Toss/trash/shred all of the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life!  Those “things”  may be old papers, old clothes,  boxes…etc. For me, I had to bring myself to throw away old makeup containers.   (Judge me not!) I had to literally go through my entire makeup vanity, and decide what needed to go.  And then I had to actually complete the process by throwing it away (that’s key)!  I couldn’t believe the junk I was holding on to. Like seriously, did I need to keep that empty tube of ruby red lipstick from 3 years ago? A whole mess. For you it may be sorting through that pile of mail, organizing your accessories, or cleaning out your closet. For others it may be setting a cleaning schedule for your home, so that the cleaning/organizing is done on certain days.  Whatever it is, set a date with yourself, and get it done! Put on some great music, and get rid of the unnecessary things are cluttering your fabulous life! 

2. Everything in it’s Place: Once you’ve taken inventory, and trashed the clutter, assign a “place” for your belongings. This will help you keep your place organized and peaceful.  Listen, after a long day of work I’m guilty of dropping a trail of clothes around the apartment. However, I had to re-train my mind to put things back in their places. Dirty clothes in the laundry bin, coat back on the hanger IN the closet, makeup brushes in their case, and keys on the key ring. This will take a bit of time and effort at first, but the payoff will be well worth it! 

3. Organize in Doses: Make a list of what needs to be done, and tackle one room/project at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do it all in one sitting. God forbid, that you start 5 projects and don’t finish any of them. That is not your portion! Think it through, and give yourself the time to do what’s needed. The ultimate goal is to life a life of order, and that starts with strategic changes that will eventually turn into great habits! So take it one step at a time! 

Say it with me,

“I will live a lifestyle of order”


5 Must-Haves for your Fabulous Handbag 

1)  A Bomb Lip Balm: It’s cold outside and those lips need moisture now, more than an other season.  My favorite is the Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint. I love the tingly sensation, and it truly leaves my lips soft and kissable (hubby agrees). No matter what you choose,  be sure to prep your lips before you layer your lip color. Your lips will thank you.  No chaps or CRACKS over here!

2) $20: When I started driving at age 23, (do NOT judge a sista lol), my dad always told me to carry at least $20 at all times.   I now live by this. Even if not $20, I carry some amount of cash in case of an emergency.   We’ve all seen those “cash only sorry for the inconvenience” signs at some point.  Take the hint and keep a little cash with you.

3) Gum/Mints: Do I even need to explain.  This is somewhat non-negotiable! My favorite gum is Trident White Spearmint. Freshens breath, and whitens teeth! **Insert pearly white smile** I always try to keep a pack in my handbag and in my glove compartment. Nothing more off-putting than a whiff bad breath, especially when you know you’re doing the offending! Yikes!

4) Spare Earrings: A quick fix for those crazy morning, especially when you’re rushing out.  Earrings can add an instant finish, even to the wildest of looks (well?). Take heed and stash a pair in your purse. I prefer studs because I can easily conceal them. 

5) Confidence:  Now of course this won’t fit in your handbag, but it is oh so necessary! Like this little kitty, stand tall and proud!  Take a look in the mirror, and speak over your life before you leave the house. If you’ve already made it to the car… girl, adjust that rear-view mirror and get to talking! You are somebody, you will accomplish all that you set your mind to do! With God on your side, Nothing can stop you! 

What are some of your must-haves in your handbag? 

Stay encouraged and stylish


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5 Secrets to Successfully Organize your Life

There’s nothing worse than rushing or that subsequent feeling of “Too much to do, and not *enough* time to do it all”! I totally cannot stand it! I used to rush everywhere; from appointments, to fashion shows, to house-warmings and client meetings (sometimes forgetting certain appointments *eeek*)…it was a total mess!

Thankfully I’ve experienced the power of the Daily Planner, and how a few simple changes  can make a world of difference in my fabulous life! Being able to function day in and day out with peace of mind and minimized stress was an absolute must for me! Now…I share my “secrets” with you:

1) GET IT! Get an event Planner to keep your life in order! Make sure it is a current 12 month planner that gives you a broad view of the month, and follows with weekly/daily pages to book your events, appointments, lunch dates…etc! Writing space is a must!

2) USE IT! Dust is so out this season! A few days before the start of each month, plan out and write in the important dates…then take it to a weekly/daily view and plan out your week. Grab a cup of coffee and get going! (Sundays usually work best for me)

3)WRITE IT DOWN! I can’t stress this enough! Keeping a mental note of your life is not “that business”, and from my experiences with my clients..those who have tried this most often find themselves overwhelmed and stressed! So Start now; grab your favorite pen (and colorful highlighters) and write your map/plan on paper!

4) UPDATE IT! When things change, or need to be added, be sure to address it in a timely fashion!  don’t let it linger in the recesses of your mind. Remember, mental notes often cause stress and unfortunately can be forgotten!  Update your planner immediately 🙂

5) REVIEW! A few moments before you take it down at night, or before you begin your day in the morning… give yourself at least 5 to 10 minutes to review what is on your agenda for that day! This way you can pace yourself and allocate your time wisely through out your day… and when it is all said and done you’ll enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.. knowing that you did it all!

Don’t waste another moment! Go grab a trendy yet practical planner, a sturdy pencil, vibrant highlighters and GET TO IT! Trust me your life will never be the same!

Keep it stylish (and organized)


P.S. Let me know of your success….can’t wait 🙂 xoxo