Create the Life that Excites You!

I’m a whole mom and I’m creating a life that excites me…

From how I show up and slay (imma be that snatched mom 💋💁🏾‍♀️)… to the time I spend with my family, my child my spouse…. to the way I create 🤩… even how I have to shift as the seasons of my motherhood journey change (learning from the different circumstances I face🙌🏾😭)… I’m create the life I desire through it all🙌🏾🙌🏾


Idk who needs to be reminded, but Moms can absolutely SLAY and experience amazing, fulfilling, purposefully abundant lives…

and we don’t have to wait until our kids are grown.

Idk about you but I’m doing just that! Creating a life worth bragging about… not bc of me… but to be a living witness of just how dope God is and what He can do in and through me as I surrender to Him and stay in alignment… yes… as a WHOLE mom!

How about you, momma? What are you willing to do to experience the life you desire? Are you courageous enough to say “YES” to you?

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.” Ephesians‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭TPT‬‬


Day 5 “Unshakeable Confidence” | The Mommy Devotional


Standing firm, knowing who you are, and Whose you are…That is unshakable confidence!

With this level of confidence you know that God is for you, and His promises apply to you, as a whole mom! You’re not comparing your journey as a mom to anyone else’s, nor are you trying to outdo or outrun anyone… not even your “haters”. You’re creating and living your bomb life, on your terms… mastering the Harmony and flow that works in alignment with what you desire. 

So let’s talk about Harmony.

Mastering Harmony is all about knowing how to navigate the seasons of your journey. This is why you must have the confidence to remain focused on you, without looking to the left or to the right. When you’re  “drinking your water and minding your business”, keeping your eyes on Christ, you’ll know exactly how to align your expectations, priorities and honor your boundaries. And as the scripture says “we prosper and excel in every season by serving the Lord”, that is being in alignment with Him.

Momma, it is our “Union with Christ” that allows the labor of our hands to be fruitful, because we are following His blueprint  for our lives! I love how clearly Psalm 37:4 explains it Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life,
and he will provide for you what you desire the most“. Like sis, what are you waiting for!

I promise you, once you align with Christ, and finally give yourself permission to…

🔥 Shift your mommy mindset and address limiting beliefs
🔥 Demolish and let go of what no longer serves you
🔥 Dream and rewrite the narrative of what you want mom life to look like for you
🔥 Activate your faith with action, leaving the “how” in God’s hands

… you’ll experience a Mommy Makeover like no other! Everything you desire, is found in Him (remember Psalm 37:4)!

Just imagine how it would feel finally figure out how to experience 

The Time freedom you desire, doing what you want when you want
Harmony & Flow in your home, instead of chaos and overwhelm 
Clarity, CONFIDENCE & consistency in your business, instead of confusion and burnout
Increased influence, impact and income,  instead of busy work and lack
A selfcare & fitness routine that lasts, without the mom guilt
Increased intimacy in your marriage, a sex life that excites you
Spiritual wholeness & alignment, knowing who you are, WHOSE you are

Momma, I know… it would be amazing! And let me tell you… this is exactly what God desires for your life as well! He wants you whole, to be in good health and to prosper! This is how we can show up fully for our families! We have to live in overflow. God is not holding anything back from you, and if you’re courageous enough to redefine mom life on your terms, and you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm and unapologetically create the life you desire and deserve… I want to extend an invitation for you to learn more about how we continue our journey together to make this your reality! Click here to learn more!

Remember, God isn’t holding anything back from you. You deserve the life you desire! 


As you reflect on today’s verse, and listen to today’s worship, Ask God to show you how to confidently show up and take action!  Ask God to bring the people into your life, who are called to empower you and guide you, as you experience your own Mommy MakeOver! 



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Day 4 “The ‘How’ is God’s Job” | The Mommy Devotional

When it comes to our dreams and goals, we have to set the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2), and DETACH from the “HOW”! It is not our job to figure out all of the details.

Momma, we have to STOP TRYING TO FORCE THE RESULTS!!! That’s God’s job. He has the blueprint. Our only job is to get the vision for what we desire for our lives (read day 3 here), get into alignment (faith with works) and ensure our words and actions line up! 

One of the things I teach my moms is to focus on the ”what I can do goals”. These are the things we can do to get into alignment and prepare for what we desire.This has nothing to do with forcing, its all about positioning! Being in position for God to move and exceed your most unimaginable dreams!

I remember when I wanted to attend this conference last year. It was one of my most significant investments financially for a conference, and it was an all day 4 day virtual event. 

I knew I needed to be there, I knew God had something major to download. However, when I started to think about “how” I would make it work with the way my life is set up as a mom… I got overwhelmed. I seriously couldn’t see how I would be able to be fully present for this conference annnd care for Dream over those 4 days! Like how, when it’s just me and this baby up in this house! 

That’s when the revelation of this verse spoke to me… “NEVER DOUBT GOD’S MIGHTY POWER TO ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS”! Yaaass! I focused on my “what I can do goals” and left the how in God’s hands. So I purchased my ticket, and began to line up the things I could control on my end.

✅ I diligently woke up early to start my day before Dream woke up (game changer)
✅ I meal prepped for the four days so I didn’t  have to cook or worry about food 
✅ I made sure all of my devices (phone, iPad,  Laptop and EarPods) were fully charged so I could tune in from any room in the house. 

And do you know how it went? It was greater than what I expected! Despite being home alone with a very active toddler,  I didn’t miss a thing! I was able to attended every session, including the VIP day and breakout group sessions! 

Oh, and  it’s super important for me to mention that It was at this conference that God made it extremely clear that I was to shift in my business, and specifically pour into moms!

So momma, I need you to  detach from the how.  You don’t have to have it all figured out.  Remember, we have the vision, and yes we must be specific with our dreams  and desires! But… The “HOW” is up to God! And let me tell you…can’t nobody show up and show off like our Heavenly Father! So let Him do what He does best… exceeding your most unbelievable dreams!!!


In what areas have you been trying to force what you want? As you reflect on today’s verse, and listen to today’s worship, Ask God to reveal this to you, so you can get out of your own way. He’s not holding anything back from you!



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Day 2 “Mommy Mindset” | The Mommy Devotional

The way our minds are set up, there is no way to experience a true Mommy MakeOver, going from overwhelm to overflow, creating the life you desire, without addressing your mommy mindset!

One of the biggest mindset shifts I’ve had to make as a mom, was in giving myself permission to do what was necessary in order to become the woman I am today. I first had to give myself permission to let go of limiting beliefs, opinions of others and unhealthy narratives that were not in alignment with who I wanted to be, as a mom, a wife, a business owner… As Reese!!

I had to courageously attack and “DEMOLISH”  every deceptive thought head on! Getting super clear about what I’d been telling myself, calling  it out for the whole lie that it is, and replacing it with the truth of who I am and who I’m called to be! I took my lead from 2 Corinthians 10:5 tpt which says “we capture, like prisoners of war, every thought and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed On”. 

From there I went through a Mental Detox (a process I developed jus for us mommas), which helped me to identify, dismantle and replace every thought that needed to change. The way our minds are set up there is no way to experience a true Mommy MakeOver, going from overwhelm to overflow, creating the life you desire, without addressing your mommy mindset! 

We have to Actively and Intentionally disrupt the thinking that is out of alignment! Periodt. Ain’t nothing passive about it, sis!

So what have you been thinking momma! What have you allowed to become your truth? Does it serve you and who you want to be… as a mom, wife, in business? Are you finally ready to work on your mommy mindset?

Maybe you were like me, and you believed that you wouldn’t be able to do the things you truly desired to do, because you’re now a mom. Listen believe me, I get it. For me, it literally went just like that “I can’t… because I’m a mom”.  And although I didn’t say it out loud often, it was on repeat internally… and that’s the place where is matters the most. 

Girl, I know… too real! So what do you do?

You have to figure out “why”! Why are you telling yourself “I can’t”? Why do you believe that you can’t  have a bomb marriage, or create order in my home, or overcome feelings of overwhelm and mom  guilt? Why do you believe you have to sacrifice time with your family, or for yourself, to work on your business? Why are you struggling to believe it’s possible for you,  as a whole mom, to create harmony and flow in your life?

What limiting and fraudulent narratives have you adopted as your own, that are keeping you stuck? Seriously, take inventory!

Once you identify those limiting beliefs, it is imperative to go through the process of dismantling and replacing! What do you truly desire and what does God’s Word say? What are His true, praiseworthy promises over your life (Phil 4:8)? Who does God say that you are? Write this down and meditate on these things!

You are called!

You are capable!

You are chosen!

You are a bomb mom!

You are worthy of the life you desire!

As the word says, “keep your thoughts continually fixed” on these things (Phil 4:8 TPT)!

The Choice is yours!

I encourage you to spend some time with God, today! As you reflect on today’s verse and listen to today’s worship, what is God saying to you? How does this apply to your journey as a mom? Comment below, I’d  love to hear from you! 



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Behind the Smile | Let’s talk about it!

I posted these two images on IG and I’m sure many of my followers weren’t sure what the actual emphasis was regarding “How it started vs. how it’s going”

In both pictures, from the outside looking in:

✨I look happy

✨Dreams  is happy, and clearly cared for

✨mom life looks good on me! right?! 

You see social medial will do that to you. Make you look like you have it all together when in reality you are fading fast behind the scenes.

That was me. Behind the smile, in the first image I was struggling. I was struggling with my purpose, and how to “balance” it all… my home, my child, my marriage, my businesses…etc! It was a lot. I was all over the place, I cringed at the word “schedules”, and quite frankly I didn’t think anyone could really relate to my situation. Yes, I had moms who prayed for me, offered amazing advice along the way…and moms I could call on (an often did) when I felt myself spiraling! But even with all of that, I so stuck, and my limiting beliefs were running the show. smh.

I remember distinctly having a conversation with my business accountability partner, telling her all the things “I can’t” do because I’m a mom! Listen, my husband goes out to work all day, my family lives miles away so it’s just me… and I convinced myself that there wasn’t enough time in a day to do anything other than “mom stuff”. Even though I knew I wanted M.O.R.E!!!  I literally talked myself out of the overflow God desired for me, simply because I couldn’t see past my current place of overwhelm. 

You see you can never manifest overflow, when you’re stuck in overwhelm. 

And for me that overwhelm became unbearable! I’ve shared this story several times, but I had a serious mommy moment on my bathroom floor… crying out to God saying “If You don’t take over, I’m not gonna make it”.

It was a true moment of surrender. It was not pretty… but oh my God I’m so thankful!

Since that moment, I’ve been doing the work to get my life in alignment. I had to address and dismantle the limiting beliefs that I’d let guide me in my mom journey, and begin to apply the principles of God’s word to implement systems and strategies  to create not only the harmony I desire in my life as a whole mom, but also to ensure that I never SIT in overwhelm or struggle again!

Will challenges come? Yes! Any mom who says otherwise is a whole lie… lol. We are moms, and things happen that are out of our control. This has nothing to do with perfection, and being in control of everything momma! The perfect mom life doesn’t exist! If it did we wouldn’t need God! What I’m talking about has everything to do with alignment, and learning how to remain in a place of victory throughout the seasons of motherhood! It’s possible, I’m a witness!

I’m super pumped for tomorrow evening! My self and some other mommas are gathering for an intimate training, where I’ll be sharing my proven 5-step process to overcome the overwhelm! This is the very process has transformed not only who I am as a mom, but more importantly who I am as a woman and child of God!


❤️I’m confident in my abilities as a whole mom. I can now say without hesitation “I’m a great momma, and I deserve the best”

❤️I’ve given myself permission to unapologetically manifest overflow in my life. No more waiting and wishing, I’m claiming and manifesting EVERYTHING I DESIRE!

❤️I’ve created routines and systems that support the work/life  harmony that is my promise as a mom! My life is in alignment, and the areas of my life from being a wife, business owner… even my wardrobe… all work in together and are in agreement!

❤️I’ve overcome mom guilt, overwhelm and burn out, and have strategies in place to help me to remain in a place of victory. God does not want me to sit in overwhelm, I am His daughter and I am more than a conqueror!

❤️ I am now a top priority in my life, and give of myself from a place of overflow. I make time for me, and hold the space to process, grow, learn, shift, release, receive and feel all that is needed on this journey of being. I love myself, and treat myself with the utmost care, love and respect.

I really don’t have much else to say, except to extend an invitation for you to join us! With just hours left before registration closes, I don’t want you to miss out! So click below to register today! 

You don’t have to sit in overwhelm, and I’m here to guide you to the other side!

Can’t wait to see you there!