That Moment When You Realize


No matter how big the obstacle, or how rough the road may appear… you have everything you need to FLOURISH in this season! Stop letting fear cripple you! Bring that dream to fruition! Go after what you’ve always dreamed of becoming with every fiber in your being!

Flourish and thrive 💜

3 Surefire Ways to Handle the Unsolicited Opinions of Others

 As a newlywed, a lot of people have an opinion about what my husband and I “should/shouldn’t do”, especially with regards to our first married year/holidays together. Nothing malicious at all, just opinions that caused a great deal of pressure. I got caught up at first.  Then it dawned on me; this is our life and we will live it as we please!  Some of you may have experience this same pressure.  You may have certain goals and aspirations in mind, and you’re trying to handle all the uninvited opinions that other have for your life. So I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned to do, and I hope it helps you as well:

1. Hold your peace: Peace of mind is more important than the best of clap-backs!  Some opinions aren’t even worth entertaining,  especially when they come without provocation. It’s one thing to go to a trusted source, and ask them to dissect your life. When that’s the case, then I expect them to let me have it. Dig deep and help me get my life in order.  However, if I didn’t ask and it is not worth a response, I simply don’t entertain it. Especially when I know they don’t have my best interest in mind.

2. Use your words:  If you feel the need to respond, put your words to good use and create a standard response. Here are two of my favorites: “It’s unfortunate that your feelings differ from how I plan to live my life”, and  “No, I don’t plan to do it that way, but I appreciate your concern”.  Feel free to use at will, and proceed to exit stage left.

3. Don’t tell everything you know: This is probably one of the most important lessons I’ve learned! Keep your personal life, marriage,  goals and aspirations under lock and key. Yes, we all need accountability, but take a break from posting and sharing every detail of your life and hustle. Hustle in private, enlist the help of an accountability partner/mentor,  and let the results of your labor do all of the bragging. The less you share, the less access people have to your life.   If people don’t know what you’re up to, then they won’t have an opportunity to  create an opinion.


This is your time. This is your year! Make it count!



The One Habit to Break Today (Video🎥)


Be Encouraged!*

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#Happilymarried: 300 Words of Advice from the Newlywed


Today my hubby and I celebrate 1 year of marriage! Yassss, shout out to us and our love! We did it, only a lifetime to go <3! Over the past year, I’ve posted countless pictures of the two of us to FB and IG, using the #happilymarried tag. I mean, I’m happy and I want to tell the world. But what does it REALLY mean to be #happilymarried?  

The What

In my opinion,  “happily married” is all a matter of choice and perspective. Which means, it will be/look/feel different for each couple. However, If you constantly compare your marriage to that of others, I’m certain that you will find it hard to enjoy what you share with your spouse.  Comparing yourself to others will rob you of your peace, your joy and your happiness! Oh, and be very careful of what you allow the media to feed you!  Listen, at some point you just have to cut all ties to those idealistic triplets; “Shoulda”, “Coulda” and  “Woulda”! They are not your girlfriends, they are life suckers! Believe me, I know!

The How

My hubby and I are learning to focus on the present, and live in the moment! As you build your future together, enjoy the process!  Take the time to listen as you get to know one another (#realeffort). You may not have the biggest house, or the coin to travel the globe, but you have each other! Focus on that! Focus on the love! Focus on the great possibilities of what will be,  and don’t despise those humble beginnings! You need each other. You’ve committed and made a vow to one another, so don’t give up. Fight for, not with, each other! Remember, a house divided against itself will surely fall!

You two are one!

Commit, Cherish, Flourish <3!



3 Surefire Ways to Stay on Track

Let me just start by saying that the past few months have been ELECTRIFYING! The momentum has been immeasurable, the excitement tangible, and all of those around me seem to be going after their due portion in life. Well, now that we are nearly 4 months into this new year, it is so important that we “check-in” on our goals! And I’m here to share with you 3 surefire ways to help you stay on track as you bring your vision to fruition

1) Review your Goals: Many of us have our vision boards and journals with our goals spelled out. We put a tremendous amount of thought into making our goals actionable and attainable.  Well, with all that thought and effort, when was the last time you looked at those well crafted bullet points? Truth be told, you’ve probably relied so heavily on your mental notes to keep you on track, that you never thought to look at what you’ve written. Today, take it a step further and make the time to review your (written) goals, frequently!  Pray over them and add an affirmation to each goal to make it even more meaningful and attainable! There is power in your words!  If you haven’t taken the time to write your goals on paper, there is no better time than right now to get started. “Write the Vision” and review it! 

2) Celebrate and Document your Progress:  As we pursue our goals for the year, take the time to celebrate those “small” victories that lead to the ultimate checkmate!  Maybe your goal for this year is to start your business.  You haven’t had your first client yet, but you’ve developed your mission statement, narrowed in on your “niche market”, and purchased your LLC. These are all victories worth noting! Perhaps you’re on a weight loss journey, and your goal is to lose 30 lbs this year. You haven’t lost the whole 30 yet, but you’ve shed 11 lbs and have significantly changed your lifestyle! You’re eating healthier, and have become accustomed to working out regularly! Come on, sistah! Sound that ALARM! Document your progress, and celebrate your success!  

3) Revise your Strategy: After you’ve review your goals and celebrated your progress, I encourage you to revisit your strategy; the blue print set in place to help you bring about those desired results. You may need to change some things, and that’s OK!  Take a look at what’s working, and do more of that! On the flip side, take a look at the challenges you’re facing, and take the time to evaluate. These past few months have really challenged me to dig deeper and pray harder! I tried some things, struggled through a few others and at times it got a bit discouraging. But I took the time to celebrate my courage, and revised my course of action! Now, I’m refocused  and confidently moving forward! Take a note from my book, and don’t be afraid to shift gears. You never know, that one small change can bring about amazing results in your life!



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