“Lipstick Isn’t for Me”💋

I remember when I first started wearing makeup. I found the perfect foundation for my chocolatey complexion, and learned a bit about liner and mascara. Over time, and after countless YouTube videos and convos with my fellow makeup enthusiasts,  I finally got it right! Well, in all areas except for one… lipstick. Unlike my other skills, I only gave lipstick a good 5 tries, before I decided it wasn’t for me. I loved how it looked on others, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Lipstick on my teeth, lipstick on my fingers… legit, “smudge galore”!

I was completely done…

Until my  beautiful friend came along and got me all the way together. (You know who you are!)

We went out to lunch one day, and I happened to comment on how fabulous her lip color looked! She paused for a moment,  and asked “where is YOUR lipstick, friend”? I cringed a bit on the inside, and replied “Lipstick isn’t for me”.  She wasn’t buying it. She always commented on my bare lips, but this day was different.  She rolled her eyes, and pulled out her lipstick  collection. She went over different types of lipsticks, lip liners,  and finishes. Basically, she was encouraging me to give it another try. And I did just that! I went back to my vanity and tried again… and again… until I got it right!


As I think of my makeup/lipstick journey, I can’t help but wonder… “what have I written off in my life, simply because I found it challenging and didn’t invest in the ‘know-how'”? Take a moment, and think about your own life.  Have you ever written something off, simply because you didn’t know how to do/use/perform it? You may have tried a few times, but things didn’t go as planned.  Now, you’re walking around dismissing opportunities and blessings because you’ve convinced yourself “this/that isn’t for me”, when in reality  you haven’t even put in the effort. Lord, help us all!

Today, I encourage you to try again!  I understand, we aren’t all gifted to do everything! But, as you read this post, something came to mind that you know  you need to revisit. It’s time to stop dismissing, and start refining. (I’m speaking to myself, here! Yassss!) Despite how challenging it may seem, go back and sit down at  your “vanity” and try again! Invest in the “know-how”, perfect your skills, and grab hold of every opportunity the Lord sends your way! 

Indeed, that great life IS for you!


The One Verse That Changed My Perspective! (Video)

Roman 8:28 NKJV:

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Be Encouraged!

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5 Qualities of a Good Man

Ladies, in our quest to live our best life, it’s no surprise that many of us desire a partner to be there along the way. Simply put… we want a good man in our lives! But what does a “good man” look like? Well, I’ve had some in-depth conversations with my family and girlfriends, (married and single), and it’s quite evident that there are qualities unique to such a man. So I’ve put together a list of the 5 most evident qualities that I hope you will find helpful! Enjoy!

1.He celebrates your successes 🎉:  He will be right there to celebrate your biggest wins and won’t mind when you have the spotlight. There’s no struggle for him to be happy for you, especially when you are winning in life! A good man (especially if you’re married) understands that you are “one”! If you win, he wins!

2. He shows his love for you ♥️: There is nothing like knowing that you are loved, and a good man won’t have a problem showing it! He may not make you heart-shaped eggs in the morning. He may not be able to buy you the biggest rubies, or even be the “pda” type of guy. But with a good man there is no doubt of his love for you, no matter how small the gesture. You will be secure in his love for you.

3. He pushes you beyond your self-doubt🏃: A good man will be your biggest advocate. He is the one who will know you  best (after the Good Lord). He knows your struggles, and is often there to catch you before you spiral down the path of fear and self doubt. He will encourage you to push past limits, and go after what you truly want in life. Ladies, a good man will be your shoulder to cry on, and your voice of reason and encouragement!

4. He doesn’t mind taking care of the “light work” while you are “out of commission”💪: I have start by telling this story. The other night, I mistakenly painted my nails, just after I finished washing a load of laundry… #fail! I wasn’t willing to mess up my freshly painted nails, so I asked my hubby to help. And he stepped right in! We went garment by garment. Some needed to be hung, other pieces we had to lay flat. It was true team work. My hubby saved my mani, lol! Ladies, a good man won’t mind stepping up. Whether you are sick, out of town, or when you simply “don’t feel like it”, he will look for ways to make your life easier. You two are partners!

5. He prays with and for you🙏: Need I say more? A good man isn’t just going to take care of you physically, he will also do his part to look out for you, spiritually.  Believe me, I know firsthand what a difference this makes in a relationship.! Truly amazing how prayer changes things! Click here to read all about it!

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