img_3102Have you ever paid attention to how things grow?

I recently visited my mother’s house in Philadelphia and I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully the hedges had grown. They literally started as tiny shrubs, and now they stand nearly as tall as me. But you know, they didn’t grow over night. Over the years, my mom diligently trimmed, pruned, watered and manicured  those hedges.  She put in the work and trusted the growth process, as I’m sure she knew what these hedges would one day become.

But what if she hadn’t? What if she expected the hedges to grow just as quickly as her roses bloomed? Perhaps she would have over watered, trimmed prematurely, or even worse… destroyed the hedges before they were even given a chance to grow.  Can you imagine how frustrating and disappointing that journey might have been?

Now I know I’ve been speaking about my mom’s hedges, but take a look at your life. How often do we rush our growth? We sometimes step in and try keep up with the pace of others, instead of trusting God to trim/prune/manicure us to perfection! (Preaching to myself). Instead of appreciating the “roses” in our lives, we too often get caught up comparing ourselves to how quickly they’ve bloomed.  

Oh, but can I tell you… there is peace when you grow at your own pace!

There is truly something magnificent when we trust the growth process. I challenge you today… stop comparing and start celebrating what God has done for others. Trust God’s pace for your life, and allow him to perfect His work in you.  Just imagine, how beautifully you’ll stand as you grow as God designed. 

Say it with me:

“I am unique, my gifts and talents were tailor made just for me and the pace in which I perfect them is not a competition!”

His ways are perfect!


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That Moment When You Realize


No matter how big the obstacle, or how rough the road may appear… you have everything you need to FLOURISH in this season! Stop letting fear cripple you! Bring that dream to fruition! Go after what you’ve always dreamed of becoming with every fiber in your being!

Flourish and thrive 💜

When Bae Doesn’t Text (Right) Back

I used to get so upset when my hubby didn’t text me during the day, or if he took hours before responding!  I mean come on.  It’s me, wifey! Then we had a conversation, and he had to remind me of something we discussed during our pre-marital counselling. He reminded me that the only reason he isn’t able to be as attentive to his phone at work, is because he’s working. He’s working for our now, for our future… for me. And to top it all off he began to tell me of how the past few weeks have been very busy and profitable for him (for us). Well, you already know that shut me right up. And I had to apologize for losing perspective. I know my man loves me <3! I was just being spoiled, and had the nerve to get mad at him,  as if he doesn’t do everything in his power to make my life amazing! Forgive me, Father!  I’m not perfect, but I’m now more aware of this during the work day. I’ve even started sending him prayers, or fabulous selfies…lol.

 Ladies take a moment and consider your ways. If you know your husband loves you and his steps are ordered by the Lord,  rethink that angry text with the side-eye. Especially if he is at work, or on assignment. Instead, send a text/voicemail of love and encouragement. Pray over him, and send a word of life. You never know what he’s facing at that very moment, and your words can change his whole course of action!  

Remember,  you and your hubby are one.

When he wins, you both win <3!

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3 Surefire Ways to Stay on Track

Let me just start by saying that the past few months have been ELECTRIFYING! The momentum has been immeasurable, the excitement tangible, and all of those around me seem to be going after their due portion in life. Well, now that we are nearly 4 months into this new year, it is so important that we “check-in” on our goals! And I’m here to share with you 3 surefire ways to help you stay on track as you bring your vision to fruition

1) Review your Goals: Many of us have our vision boards and journals with our goals spelled out. We put a tremendous amount of thought into making our goals actionable and attainable.  Well, with all that thought and effort, when was the last time you looked at those well crafted bullet points? Truth be told, you’ve probably relied so heavily on your mental notes to keep you on track, that you never thought to look at what you’ve written. Today, take it a step further and make the time to review your (written) goals, frequently!  Pray over them and add an affirmation to each goal to make it even more meaningful and attainable! There is power in your words!  If you haven’t taken the time to write your goals on paper, there is no better time than right now to get started. “Write the Vision” and review it! 

2) Celebrate and Document your Progress:  As we pursue our goals for the year, take the time to celebrate those “small” victories that lead to the ultimate checkmate!  Maybe your goal for this year is to start your business.  You haven’t had your first client yet, but you’ve developed your mission statement, narrowed in on your “niche market”, and purchased your LLC. These are all victories worth noting! Perhaps you’re on a weight loss journey, and your goal is to lose 30 lbs this year. You haven’t lost the whole 30 yet, but you’ve shed 11 lbs and have significantly changed your lifestyle! You’re eating healthier, and have become accustomed to working out regularly! Come on, sistah! Sound that ALARM! Document your progress, and celebrate your success!  

3) Revise your Strategy: After you’ve review your goals and celebrated your progress, I encourage you to revisit your strategy; the blue print set in place to help you bring about those desired results. You may need to change some things, and that’s OK!  Take a look at what’s working, and do more of that! On the flip side, take a look at the challenges you’re facing, and take the time to evaluate. These past few months have really challenged me to dig deeper and pray harder! I tried some things, struggled through a few others and at times it got a bit discouraging. But I took the time to celebrate my courage, and revised my course of action! Now, I’m refocused  and confidently moving forward! Take a note from my book, and don’t be afraid to shift gears. You never know, that one small change can bring about amazing results in your life!



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