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What I Ordered Vs. What I Got| How to Master Online Shopping

If you’re connected with me on social media, then you’ve seen my most recent online purchase! That Green faux leather peplum number!!! Hotttt!!!

But can I keep it real??? 

The item WAS NOT what I expected! Matte vs. shinny, the color is totally different… I mean, you be the judge!!

Thankfully the size and quality were great, so I was able to WERK IT, and OWN MY SLAY… OKKKURRRT! But, let’s be real this is the exception as oppose to the rule. Right? Sometimes when things don’t line up with our expectations.. we’re left feeling pretty salty!

Have you been here before? Trying to shop online only to have the garment/lingerie/shoes delivered, and it’s NOTHING like you expected. Girl, and what’s even worse… maybe you “got yourself got”, and you aren’t able to make a RETURN! LAWD!!!

Listen, I know about all of the frustrations of online shopping. I’ve got stories! I’ve been around the retail/eCommerce world for over 10 years, and I’ve successfully overcome those pesky online challenges. So much so that nearly 80% of what I own and love was purchased online! Yes… over 80%!! So I’m here to help you… just in time for BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY! Let’s work together!

In this course I’ll be sharing 5 keys to transform your online shopping experience! Complete with a WORKBOOK and Live Walk through of how I navigate online showrooms… you’ll leave this course feeling like an online shopping pro. YAAAASSSS!

We’ll cover:

-Navigating the online shopping world

-How to search effectively and with purpose

-How to use filters/sorting tools to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for

-How to checkout with confidence, using reviews, ratings and return policies to your advantage!

-Live walk-through of how to put it all together just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Whether shopping for clothing, lingerie, accessories, shoes, makeup…etc… after this course you’ll never struggle with online shopping again!! 

How to Master online Shopping Course

Special Pre-Black Friday Deal

$29.00 $87.00





Own Your Slay University Presents|The STYLE SUITE

The wait is over!

You ladies already know I am a firm believer in being #SNATCHEDforHisglory, and I’m finally sharing ALL of my tips, tricks, and resources to help you SLAY in STYLE! 

Click below for all the deets including upcoming courses! I’m so excited for what the fall has in store!


Copy of Revised Style Suite

And be sure to connect with me on social media @Reese_ _Dennis!



Top 5 Online Summer Finds That Won’t Break the Bank| Style Edition

Hey ladies!

If you’re following me on any social media platform, then you know that I am a proud new mommy! #Blessed is an understatement (stay tuned for more to come on that).

I’ve been somewhat living under a rock for the past few weeks catering a new beautiful  little human <3, and came up for air just in time to see that Amazon Prime Days are here!

As many of you know I am an avid online shopper, so I thought what better time to share some of my fave prime purchases for the summer, complete with how I wore them and links so you can add to your summer wardrobe!! Enjoy and #OwnYourSlay! Yaaasssss!!!

Top 5 fave Prime Summer Purchases (That won’t break the bank)!

img_6042Women Sleeveless Bandage Wrap Tie up Crop Top

Dare to show a little skin this summer! As you can see this top can be worn in many different ways. From casual with a pair of hi-waist jeans,  to perfectly paired with a midi skirt for a chic dinner date! (I actually wore the navy to a business meeting and it was a hit!)


img_3536.jpgWomen Boho Halter Cover Up

My all time fave cover up! It was a bit tricky to figure out how to tie all the straps, but once I figured it out, you couldn’t tell me nothing! No description needed! Get you one!


img_1069Women Bohemian Cover Up

Another vacation gem! You seriously cannot go wrong with this vibrant duster style cover up. Pair it with any swim suit… or with a tank and distressed denim! Love it!


img_6043Women Basic Sleeveless Crop Top

I love love love crop tops! 2 reasons. One, I do love to show a little belly skin with a hi-waist skirt or trousers, but I also love that it can be tucked with minimum bulk. Have you ever worn one of those long tank tops and your annoyed with all the bulk it creates when you tuck it! This is the solution!

Ohhh, and I CANNOT neglect to mention @sewsophisticatedpoet , the designer of my fabulous Ankara Skirt Be sure to connect with and check out her sophisticated designs on Instagram! 


img_6049Women Off the Shoulder Casual Blouse

This top was a total shocker. When I saw it online the review were a bit mixed. I took a risk and to my surprise it was the PERFECT fit! I loved it so much that I purchased in two colors… which were pleasantly vibrant! Super easy to wear and pair!


Some of you may struggle with online shopping and may be thinking, “Reese, I love these looks… but how can I find my OWN top 5”?

Don’t you worry.. I’ve got you, boo!

Stay tuned for my tips and tricks on how to master online shopping!

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3 Items to Make Your Wardrobe Pop || Wardrobe Wednesday (reboot) #SnatchedSeptember

Happy Thursday ladies, Wardrobe Wednesday is a little late due to some overwhelming technical difficulties (LAWD, if you ONLY KNEW the struggle), but WE ARE LIVE NOW! Today,  we’re going into my wardrobe for some inspirations, as we discuss 3 things to add to your wardrobe to MAKE IT POP! Yaaaaassss!!! Check out my video below, and be sure to like, comment, share and BE ENCOURAGED! 

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