Over the past 3 to 4 years I managed to shed a little over 30 LBS… and it feels awesome (GOOO MEEEE)! Many people who have known me for quite some time, know that it was indeed a journey to get to this lovely place where I am now! I’ve surpassed my goal and am now in an ever constant state of maintaining my figure!  A lot of you have asked me either for help, guidance, or for simple little tips to drop a few LBS and most importantly keep them off…well my loves here are the top three things that have helped me to build and maintain my “Brickhouse” :0)


1) SELF DESIRE: The first key to weight loss success (in my opinion) is the desire to do it for YOU!!  IF you determine to lose weight for your boyfriend, or for attention it will most certainly backfire! Now don’t get me wrong… attention is sure to follow, and I absolutely  LOVE ATTENTION…lol… but my main reason for deciding to shed the weight,  was purely self motivated to help me become my best self! I wanted to look and feel amazing in my body EVERYDAY!

2)PERSEVERANCE: The journey to weight loss (done right) is a moderately paced, frustrating, yet enjoyable  process; which means you will need  perseverance to give you that extra *UMPH* to keep going and pressing toward your mark of success! Once you understand the pace of this process it will be a little easier for you to keep it going each day! I’ve had to overcome bouts of doubt that my efforts weren’t working, and many days of just not wanting to workout! But, I didn’t ALLOW these moments to last long!   I had to take a step back, remember what I wanted…and stick to the plan to get to my expected end!!  4 years later I’m still at it, 30 LBS lighter and looking good 🙂

3)BALANCE: Balance is crucial; Balance in your diet, balance in your lifestyle, even balance with your workout routine! Everyone’s body, metabolism, and endurance levels are different, so I can’t tell you what to do( you must find what works best)!  However; The two most important things to keep in mind here are that cardio and healthy eating behaviors go hand-in-hand!  It takes a good balance of both to make your body really respond!  I honestly have never dieted,  but I have learned how to build my cardio endurance all while  making  healthier and more balanced eating choices… and that’s what works for me!

So as a word of encouragement to all my ladies who desire to lose a couple of pounds… and especially to those of you who want to make a massive turn around; remember YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don’t lose heart, but keep pressing! Fight to be CONSISTENT!!!!! Don’t slack even for a moment, because it will only be that much harder to get back on the ball (no pun intended lol)!!

The key is to stay focused in (spring/summer) and out (fall/winter) of season!!! don’t be the type that only works out for a pending vacation to the islands, or to fit into a swimsuit for a summer…. make it a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT!

Trust me, looking and feeling great in your new body compares to no other, not to mention it gives the perfect excuse to build a new wardrobe 🙂

 What worked for your weightloss success??

Keep it Stylish,

 StylReesta xoxo

*Just Live YOUR life*

A special thanks to my sister and Best Selling Author Christine Pembleton , Celeste Forrest, Kimberly Talley and Vanessa Dicks, for inspiring me and showing me that life is truly what YOU make it!
About 3 months ago I created a list of things I wanted to DO, people I wanted to SEE, and places I wanted to VISIT!  I included the emotions that would result in  attaining my 5-year goals both financially and in my career, as well as how it would positively impact the lives of those around me!  That list looked amazing, but slowly, with each passing day, that list became just that–a list–collecting dust and being forgotten. Something was getting in the way.

The truth is, that something was ME!!!

My own personal hang ups on trying to wait for the “perfect” time to seize the moment and the “perfect” person to bring onboard were such huge hindrances in my life! I was doing all of this talking about how I wanted to do and see XYZ, but I didn’t put much into motion because I thought the “time” wasn’t right! But now, in my most open and honest moments with myself and God I’ve come to realize that I have no excuse to stay where I am! I have no children, I’m not married (yet), and I don’t have any real holds on my life to keep me from accelerating in ALL of my greatness!

So I’ve officially decided to make the MOVES and go forth…taking action and living my life to the fullest EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What about you?

There is no better time than the present!  If you want to do xyz… Just do it, regardless of whether you have a “partner in crime”! No more waiting around for the “perfect” moment… and most certainly no more waiting for the “perfect” person to join in. No two schedules are perfectly synchronized!  If you have to go forth alone for a season, then so be it! Too much time has been and will continue to be wasted if you don’t rid yourself of those bad waiting habits!

Take a deep introspective look into your life and access accordingly! Don’t let the words on the page be just that…words… but let it encourage you, stretch you and push you to be the epitome of greatness!  Don’t  perpetuate the norms in life!  There’s so much more to this thing than the job you work, the city in which you live, and sorry to say it…but the people with whom you most often surround yourself. JUST live YOUR life!! don’t wait for people to approve; set your own agenda! Your life is just that… YOURS… and it would be a shame to let it go to waste!

 You are young, you are Fabulous; BUT your life will only be as great as YOU allow!!


Keep it stylish,


WARNING;MOTSD (a must read!!)

Avoid all hindrances to your success and to your fully embracing *YOU*!

This morning I woke up with a lot on my mind,  Men, work, my career and my future! I began to think of how my life has drastically changed because of the different events that have occurred in each of the aforementioned areas! Comparisons of where I am “now” to “then” bombarded my thought gates… and I had no other choice than to grant them access! Solely, because I needed to find a sense of  purpose and understand how my past has helped to cultivate and groom me into the blossom of beauty and elegance I am today!

Although this is not the time, nor the place for me to go into great detail about my life’s events, there is one thing that I found to be a constant factor in this glorious process of living and learning; in order to reach my fullest potential and come into a full understanding of who I am (and truly embrace it) I must rid my life of the those things and people who have mastered the “Slow Down”!

A master of the “Slow Down” is anything or anyone who is hindering you from going forward! For some  it may be the person with whom they are in a relationship; for others it may be  their co-workers; and for others it may be their own thoughts of negativity!

For me, it was a combination of things! As I discovered that I wasn’t being my true self, I began to answer the “why” question and make the necessary changes! This was no easy task! Lots of tears, and many frustrations accompanied me along the way, but in the end…in the end as I pressed forward, I realized it was all well worth it! And I’m so loving the woman I am today (and I love my short hair and style)!

Take a look at your life! I mean a serious, in depth look at where you are and who you are! Are you happy and satisfied? Or do you feel like there is so much more for you to do and be in this life? Do you feel as though you can’t share your dreams and visions with your friends and those who are in your inner circle? Do they mock you instead of encourage you? Do you feel as though your growth is stunted because of that man or woman you are trying to please?

As you begin to “peel back the layers” of your life (coined by Vanessa Dicks), and really identify where you want to be and what is holding you back… Don’t shy away from the tears that may begin to flow, or the relationships that may need to go! Because in the end YOU, being your true self is the best reward anyone can ever ask for 🙂

“The $1,000,000 Dress”

When I wake up in the morning, one of the many thoughts that pops into my head is “What am I going to wear today”? Often times this thought leads to arduous rummaging through my closet picking, mixing and matching an outfit together to “make my day”. Typically, I overlook my “special” tops, pencil skirts and dresses and aim for something casually cute (Unless there is some “special“ occasion to experience)!

On Saturday, September 26th, while looking for an outfit for work, I kept coming across my favorite black Calvin Klein button-front, collar dress! I previously thought that it should *only* be worn on extraordinary occasions because of its dazzling “glove-fit” and quality! This dress, although it is black, POPS and when I put it on I look and feel like “$1,000,000”!!!! (I love Calvin Klein’s dresses<3)

Well, on this particular day, Shortly after the third failed attempt to find something to wear, a word came to me, “Stop overlooking the ‘million dollar dress'”! So, I stopped overlooking my Calvin dress, and put it on! WOOOO! Ladies, let me tell you I looked fierce! As soon as the lining hit my skin, I knew that day would be a grand day! At that moment I realized that I am so worth looking and feeling this great everyday no matter where I go or whom I see!

Ladies we’ve all been guilty of using one of the following phrases with regards to how we dress:

“I don’t care! nobody is here to see me”
“There is no one here for me to impress”
“I don’t care how I look to other people, it’s just a gym/supermarket/work/_______(fill in your blank)”

But, Today, let us dispose of this old mindset and put into motion a lifestyle of looking and feeling wonderful everyday! Let’s be real, do you really have a problem with allowing your internal worth to be made perceptible and emulate through what you wear? of Course not! What we do and what we wear should ultimately be for us and make us happy! When you go to the supermarket, go ahead and put on your favorite pair of jeans! When you go to the gym, GIRL, put on your favorite pair of diamond studs? When you get ready for work in the morning, get dressed like you are somebody important… because you absolutely are your own VIP!

Ladies, What is it for you? What makes you feel like $1,000,000? Find out and take advantage of it! That “$1,000,000” Calvin Klein dress made my day! I walked with more confidence and poise because I knew I looked just as good as I am on the inside! And let me tell you, I am a lady of great worth and value! And you must have that very same perception of yourself! Not in pride, but in confidence!

TODAY, I challenge you to stop overlooking that “$1,000,000 dress” no matter what form it may come in! First, you must be determined to only wear the things that make you feel great! Stop saving things for months and months hoping to wear it…WEAR IT TODAY! Because, Guess what?? (Say “what”?) There will never be another day like today!

Secondly, you must commit to getting rid of the things that are less than fabulous! You know exactly what I am talking about! Those jeans that have a hole in the upper-inner thigh area, the skirt with the torn seem, or the busted shoes that really should have been thrown away 3 months ago (I’m guilty and actually threw away a pair last night…man were they busted and I felt busted when I wore them…lol)! Perhaps it is the blouse that is too big or too tight; either way you don’t feel comfortable or confident in it! You are constantly tugging, tucking, and adjusting! Not good!!! Stop wearing the things that you hope and pray nobody sees you in! Just stop it!

Ladies, the bottom line is that YOU deserve to feel fabulous day in and day out… even when you think the people you will see, or places to which you are going are insignificant. It has to be for you 🙂 So, are you with me? Will you accept the challenge, and bring to an end the habit of disregarding those “special” pieces that allow you to take pleasure in that “$1,000,000 dress feeling”? Of course you do! So let’s get to it!

Here’s to looking and feeling like a “$1,000,000” everyday!

~StylReesta <3