Podcast|3 Tips To Help You Start The NEW YEAR With A Bang!

In the final post for 2018, I’m sharing 3 tipsto help you start the NEW YEAR with a bang! This is one you don’t want to miss!

Enjoy, be encouraged and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Make The Time | #marriedlife

Over the past month, I’ve been sharing more and more about the importance of the day Thursday, with some of my married friends. “What’s so important about this day”, you ask? Well this is my standing “date-day” with my Boo Bear, and it’s off limits.

Keem and I learned early in our marriage just how important it is to “make the time” for each other. During our pre-marital counseling, our marriage mentors made sure that we picked a day and stuck to it! We’re nearly 4 years in, and Thursday is still our day!

Life gets so busy, that we sometimes overlook the things/people we’ve been neglecting. Now of course keem and I see each other every day, but we made a decision to make INTENTIONAL time for each other!

Each Thursday looks different. Sometimes we coordinate workouts, and hang out in the house. Sometimes we go grocery shopping at Wegmans and stop to eat at the hot bar. And other times we plan full out date trips to amusements parks or to dinner and a movie! What we do doesn’t really matter, the key is to spend time together… intentionally! Phones down, work put away… just me and my Boo Bear!

Now, this is not a new topic on the blog, but it’s totally worth repeating!

Take a look at your marriage, and ask yourself, “when was the last time my honey and I actually made plans to hang out”? If you’re finding it hard to remember specifics, a date day is in order! Now I know you may have “life” going on… but what is life if you’re not building with your spouse? And if you have kids, what will you have to stand on once the kids are grown, if you haven’t spent any time together?

Remember, it’s not what you do that’s most important… although it should be fun and enjoyable! It’s who you’re doing it with… and being intentional about that time together!

Make every effort, to make the time!



3 Keys to Help You “Own Your Slay” || Crown Edition

As you all probably know by now, I am all about being #SnatchedforHisglory, from head to toe!!! Yaaassss! A few months ago, I hosted a style series, in which I spoke about how to build an inspirational wardrobe (check out the series here). Well now, it’s time to talk about your crown!

As some of you may know I am Slay Consultant and owner of Hair Slayed by Reese! I absolutely love that I am able to flourish in my gift, and empower women all while slaying their crowns! Yaaass!!! “Own Your Slay” are words I live by and often encourage. But as some of you have asked, “What exactly does this mean… how do I own my slay”? Well keep reading for the 3 keys to help you “Own Your Slay”.

1.Confidence is Key.

Owning your slay starts with confidence. You could have the most amazing hair (or shoes/outfit), but if you walk around with slumped shoulders, it won’t matter. It took me a while to embrace this truth. I remember when I first started doing different things with my hair, I’d walk around unsure of my decision until someone else would comment and tell me how fabulous it looked.  With each compliment, I’d stand a little taller, and more confident in my decision. This may seem normal, but it’s not the healthiest way to live. We have to embrace and love what we do for ourselves, first. Compliments aren’t bad, but if you do things simply for the approval of others you will never know peace. So when it comes to owning your slay, remember confidence is the first and most important ingredient! 

Experiment, and embrace what works for you.

For me.. in this season, I don’t like having hair in my face (outside of a perfectly positioned photo for the ‘gram). So no matter how good it looks to others, I can’t walk in my slay confidently because I don’t like that look for myself!  Hair in my eyeball #issano. lol  But guess what I have clients with whom I’ve worked, where we’ve finally discovered… they love when the hair falls in their face. It makes them feel sexy, and I’m all for it! So the point is, what works for others, and makes them feel amazing, may not be the same for you… and vice versa.  You have to discover what works for you.

On another note, would you believe that I used to be so scared of color in my hair? I was under the illusion that, black girls weren’t supposed to wear their hair in different colors other than black or dark brown! And if they did it was “ghetto”!  CRAZY RIGHT? Well I’m so glad that I dropped those falsities like radioactive waste, and  started to experiment with different colors and styles for myself. Ever since, I’ve been blonde, red, purple… and have loved every moment of it! Now you may not be there yet, but don’t be afraid to step out of the box with you hair (and style in general). You might just be surprised at how much you love it. 

Make it Yours, and Rock Out.

I always preach this…There are no “just – likes” when it comes to your hair (or style). Your facial features, your hairline, you face shape and  body type all contribute to how your slay looks on you.  So when it comes to owning your slay, you have to rock it like it was designed just for you. If you’re looking at the images of other and hoping to look “just like her” then you will never be satisfied, because it just isn’t possible. Of course there is nothing wrong with inspiration, but you have to know even before sitting in anyone chair that your slay is going to be uniquely yours. So Swing your hair and find the perfect flip. Twist it, pull it up, flip it to the side and ROCK OUT! Have fun with your hair/fashion, and make it YOURS!


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“Lord, I believe… Help my Unbelief” #realtalk

I’ve been reflecting on today! And after the amazing week I’ve had, I just had to share! If you’re struggling with believing God, this is for you!

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3 Birthday Lessons for the Wise Wife | “I Wasn’t Ready” #MarriedLife

A few weeks ago, I took some time off to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!  I thought I knew what he wanted, and tried to plan accordingly. #Girlwhy. In the end,  after a really good look in the mirror, I learned 3 valuable lessons that I DID NOT SEE COMING (Do y’all see that picture… #ACCURATE)! Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time together, but with the way God has my life set up… there is always a lesson waiting for me around the corner! 

Lesson 1: Listen

I love to celebrate birthdays. I was raised that way, and it is something that has been a part of my entire life! Breakfast in the morning, and a family dinner of my choice at night to commemorate this special occasion! And if you know me, I usually prefer all the bells and whistles.  Keem on the other hand isn’t as big of a “birthday person” as I am. As a matter of fact he was very clear that for his birthday THIS YEAR he wanted to stay low key. But did I listen? Of course not. I just had to go on with my “grand” plans (insert  face-palm emoji)!

Well, my grand plans fell through, and I put unnecessary pressure on myself by trying to come up with something last minute. I had great intentions, but if I’m being honest, I totally disregarded his birthday request (insert face-palm emoji).  So I had to make thing right, and I apologized for not listening. I even had to apologize for making him feel OBLIGATED to come up with something when I asked, “what do you want to do for your birthday”… when he ALREADY told me.  I’m so thankful for this lesson, and grateful that it didn’t ruin our time together.  Oh, but what stress I could have avoided had I just listened from the jump! 

Ladies, I know sometimes we try to “read between the lines”, but let me encourage you… listen and take what your hubby says as what he means! Most often he is not speaking in coded language.

Lesson 2; Apologize quickly!

When you KNOW you’re wrong, make it right… QUICKLY! Many times our egos get in the way, (yes, women have egos),  and we let things fester. We look for ways to justify our actions, when deep down inside God’s conviction has already set in.  Don’t silence it… move as He directs. Repent, pray for the words to say and humble yourself. We, as women, are NOT always right! I’d love to say, I am… but that would be a WHOLE LIE!  Lord knows I am far from perfect, but I am learning to make things right, quickly.  Why? Because we already know marriages are under attack,  and the last thing you want to do is knowingly give place for confusion and discord to take root.

So ladies… apologize quickly. And to some of you… you need to apologize now!

Lesson 3; Honor the small things.

Over the past year, I’ve become more aware of the fact that Keem ACTUALLY reads those nutritional guides (you know, the information on the food labels/packages). Clearly, this is an important practice for him, but I couldn’t care less.  I’d rip open packages, and tear off labels with no regret. So, Here I was again,  disregarding my husband’s request because I  didn’t care about it (emphasis on “I”). Well God was at work, and it dawned on me that I needed to honor this “small” thing, and make the effort to keep the nutritional facts. If it’s important to him, then it is certainly worth the effort.

So the other week, after I opened a pack of brownies for Keem’s Birthday Sundae,  instead of throwing out the sticker that held the package together, I stuck it onto the container. Why? Because it listed all of the nutritional facts for the brownies! And do you know what this man said to me, when he saw that gently handled wrapper stuck to the package? He came and said “I know you love me, because you kept this sticker”. #winning

Now let me be clear. Of course it’s not about the sticker, or the nutritional facts, but rather the practice of honoring the needs of your spouse. Ladies, We don’t always have to go against the grain just because it’s not important to us. Stop dismissing your husband’s requests as “no big deal”. It’s OK to fully surrender, and put in the effort simply because it’s important to him.

Be Encouraged!