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Day 4 “The ‘How’ is God’s Job” | The Mommy Devotional

When it comes to our dreams and goals, we have to set the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2), and DETACH from the “HOW”! It is not our job to figure out all of the details.

Momma, we have to STOP TRYING TO FORCE THE RESULTS!!! That’s God’s job. He has the blueprint. Our only job is to get the vision for what we desire for our lives (read day 3 here), get into alignment (faith with works) and ensure our words and actions line up! 

One of the things I teach my moms is to focus on the ”what I can do goals”. These are the things we can do to get into alignment and prepare for what we desire.This has nothing to do with forcing, its all about positioning! Being in position for God to move and exceed your most unimaginable dreams!

I remember when I wanted to attend this conference last year. It was one of my most significant investments financially for a conference, and it was an all day 4 day virtual event. 

I knew I needed to be there, I knew God had something major to download. However, when I started to think about “how” I would make it work with the way my life is set up as a mom… I got overwhelmed. I seriously couldn’t see how I would be able to be fully present for this conference annnd care for Dream over those 4 days! Like how, when it’s just me and this baby up in this house! 

That’s when the revelation of this verse spoke to me… “NEVER DOUBT GOD’S MIGHTY POWER TO ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS”! Yaaass! I focused on my “what I can do goals” and left the how in God’s hands. So I purchased my ticket, and began to line up the things I could control on my end.

✅ I diligently woke up early to start my day before Dream woke up (game changer)
✅ I meal prepped for the four days so I didn’t  have to cook or worry about food 
✅ I made sure all of my devices (phone, iPad,  Laptop and EarPods) were fully charged so I could tune in from any room in the house. 

And do you know how it went? It was greater than what I expected! Despite being home alone with a very active toddler,  I didn’t miss a thing! I was able to attended every session, including the VIP day and breakout group sessions! 

Oh, and  it’s super important for me to mention that It was at this conference that God made it extremely clear that I was to shift in my business, and specifically pour into moms!

So momma, I need you to  detach from the how.  You don’t have to have it all figured out.  Remember, we have the vision, and yes we must be specific with our dreams  and desires! But… The “HOW” is up to God! And let me tell you…can’t nobody show up and show off like our Heavenly Father! So let Him do what He does best… exceeding your most unbelievable dreams!!!


In what areas have you been trying to force what you want? As you reflect on today’s verse, and listen to today’s worship, Ask God to reveal this to you, so you can get out of your own way. He’s not holding anything back from you!



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