🎥 Video| #SnatchedforHisGlory

I want God to be able to use me!

I WANT to LIVE and LOOK like HIS “royal priesthood”! It’s just that serious to me! You CAN serve the Master and look absolutely fabulous while doing it! 


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2 thoughts on “🎥 Video| #SnatchedforHisGlory

  1. Penny says:

    Guurrllll! That was some good word! You realize that was just a demon trying to steal your joy that day, right? His name was jealousy, and he tried to distract you & tell you lies that you were doing too much. Ha! Praise God for the Holy Spirit speaking to you & reminding you of who you are in the kingdom! So, demon jealousy, not only did your lies not work, what you meant for evil, my sistuh turned into good & used your meaningless tactics to encourage other sisters in Christ! Thank you, Theresa, for your continued encouragement, & work for His kingdom! Side note, I’ve heard you use “snatched” before, but would you educate the “landline generation” aka Grace grown folks, as to what exactly that means? Lol! Love yo!

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    • So true! I plan to unpack it further over the next few weeks💕🤗 You know, I got you! I promise you and the “landline generation” will not only know what it means but will seek to embrace it! That’s my hope! Stay tuned 💋


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