Marriage Mondays with “The Fierce 5”

🗣💕Introducing “The Fierce 5”💕🗣

Gail James, Celestine Forrest, Teri Milton, Michele, Angie Somers

5 Women

5 Questions

5 Different perspectives

✨✨✨All married 20+ years ✨✨✨

I’m hyped!! EVERY Monday during the month of May (starting TODAY 4/30), we will feature a member of the “Fierce 5”… these are the 5 women who have poured into my life as a young women and as a wife! 💕💕💕 Now it’s time to share the wealth!

So if you’re married, engaged or single this series is JUST FOR YOU!

Whether this advice is hitting you for the first time, or coming as a timely reminder, chime in and comment!!

You know I love the interaction!


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