9 Signs that You have the BEST Bridesmaids Ever!

1. They stand by your side, hold you up, and get down and dirty to handle your light work…And actually have fun while doing it πŸ™‚Douglas James Studios

2. They notice your tears of joy, smile and remind you of how lovely your wedding will be, and that this is just the beginning of an amazing life with your wonderful husband πŸ™‚Β Theresa + Arkeem-0070
3. They. Do. This!Β 
Theresa + Arkeem-0062

4. They keep you calm, cool, collected and remind you of how GORGEOUS you look in your dress! “Don’t hurt ’em, Reese”Theresa + Arkeem-0083
5. They are picture-ready at all times… even when caught offΒ guardΒ <3!Theresa + Arkeem-0167

6. They know when to step in and dry that one tear, before your left eyelash flies off and lands on the minister notes! (too real)Theresa + Arkeem-0144

7. They follow your lead, hold your dress as needed, and DON’TΒ take your bossiness personal (for that one day)Theresa + Arkeem-0229

8. They secretly request #TrapQueen at your reception because they know it brings out your inner ratchet!! :-pTheresa + Arkeem-0389

9. They understand that your wedding Β is 100% about you andΒ don’t mind at all!!Theresa + Arkeem-0232

I am so blessed to have had such Β wonderful women by my side, who selflessly supported me on my special day! Thank you for the love and sacrifices you all made to be there for me! Love you xxoo πŸ™‚


-Stylreesta aka “Mrs. Dennis”

*Photo Cred: All photos captured and edited by Β Douglas James Studios

2 thoughts on “9 Signs that You have the BEST Bridesmaids Ever!

  1. Absolutely beautiful Reese! I can’t tell you enough how honored I feel to be part of your special day. God has blessed and continues to bless you with an amazing spirit, so people can’t help but to encourage and lift you up! Stay beautiful, Stay Fierce, Stay confident… it’s gotten you this far, why stop now!?

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