The 5-day Challenge! (Will YOU Join Me?)

28 Sep

A few days ago I had an amazing conversation with my God-mother! We talked about marriage, our friends, and of course we had to discuss our latest fashion finds. As we spoke, my Aunt mentioned how she love seeing other women “tear it up”!   She went on to say , “When you are confident with who you are, and  you know that you are not in competition with anyone, you are able to uplift others.” #Truth  

We share this trait!  If you know me, then you know that I love those moments of telling/reminding other women of just how fabulous they are!  Whether it be in what they wear,  or how effortlessly they use their God-given gifts, I love letting my sisters know “I see you, boo”!

Too often we see/hear women tearing each other down; criticizing the smallest of faults, spreading the most horrible rumors, and looking for ways to rain on the parade. But today, I am challenging you to join me in a 5-day movement to uplift those around you!

The 5-day Challenge

Day 1 (Monday): “Take a look in the Mirror”:  The ability to genuinely uplift, compliment or encourage someone else starts with you! It requires confidence. On this day, take the time to celebrate who you are, how far you’ve come… and get excited about where you are going! Today, we celebrate YOU!

Day 2 (Tuesday): “Build up your inner circle”:  Birds of a feather, flock together. Take this day to focus on those closest to you. Whether your husband,  your bestie or your family; Pray, and watch how those opportunities to speak life come flooding in!  

Day 3 (Wednesday): “Hump day, your office needs a lift”:  Our places of employment aren’t always the best, but I encourage you on this day to seek ways to uplift  those in your work space.  Are you struggling with feelings of jealousy because someone may have been promoted quicker, or perhaps their presentation was more well-received than yours? That’s your challenge right there! (So not easy, but oh so liberating. Remember, you are not in competition with anyone, but yourself)! If you are a manager, who on your team needs a boost of confidence? Deposit into their life today!

Day 4 (Thursday): “Go back to someone who comes to mind”: Trust me, you will know exactly whom to reach out to! (Feel free to reference “The One Thing you Must Never Ignore“)

Day 5 (Friday): “Stranger, no danger”: As you step out for your morning coffee, or wander over to the mall to get an outfit for the weekend, take a moment to speak to someone you don’t know. I’m not saying just pick any-ole-person! I’m saying If, for example, you see someone and you notice how fabulously she is dressed… tell her.  Step out of your comfort zone and turn your gaze of admiration into a word of life.

Let’s make the next 5-day amazing! Will you join me?

Keep it uplifting and stylish,


Thou Restraineth* my Lips

15 Sep

FullSizeRender (4)

A few nights ago, I asked Keem to pick up some water from the grocery store on his way home from work! Everything was great! We laughed on the phone, and I anxiously waited for him to come home to me <3! When he came through the door, I could tell something was bothering him. I happily greeted him, he kissed my forehead and set the table with the water and our dinner. We sat there in silence, and it was literally causing my pressure to rise. What was the problem? Was it me? What did I do?

I couldn’t take it any longer and as I began to ask him “Baby, what did I do to cause you to be so upset with me”, I could sense the Holy Spirit leading me to be still! In other words, He was letting me know to keep my mouth SHUT! This was a very difficult moment for me (like legit hard), but I managed to obey and I didn’t say a word.

Keem finished his meal, and excused himself from the table.  I made my way to the bathroom to wash my face, and get ready for bed. As the face wash began to lather, Keem began to tell me that they moved everything at the grocery store, and the WATER was moved all the way to the back of the store! He expressed how frustrating it was to be in that store looking all over the place, when he intended to be in and out.  

Can you believe that? Can you believe that his frustration had nothing to do with me?  He wasn’t even mad or upset, he was simply frustrated with a situation for which he need “a moment”.  If I had gone my way, and  asked him “Why are you so upset with me” not only would I have been accusing him of being upset, I would have selfishly made it about me.  The wording of the question, along with my agitated tone (Yes, I was bothered), would have made the whole situation  worse.  

Ladies, if you are married or in a serious relationship, do yourself a favor; take a moment to be silent and pray before you speak (especially during a conflict).  It can literally change the entire tone of your relationship! Before you say what is on your mind, listen to that still voice and see what He is leading you to do. The enemy will do whatever it takes to cause confusion, and division in the lives of God’s people, (he is definitely attacking marriages), so we must be vigilant and heed the voice of the Lord! I know it is not easy! I am LEARNING every single day, and sometimes I get it horribly wrong! But thank God for His faithfulness, and for continuing to help me “restrain my lips”! I encourage you today; be wise, and  allow Him to do the same for you!


Burritos and Baccarat; Create your moment!

28 Aug

The other night my husband picked up burritos from California Tortilla for dinner! YUM!  He gave me a call to tell me he was on his way, so I began to prepare our informal dinner setting on the coffee table in the living room; place mats, coasters, silverware… the whole shebang! I marched to the kitchen to grab two plates from the cabinet, and happened to notice a gift box in the corner of our dining room. It was a wedding gift I had slightly forgotten about for the last two months.

See, what had happened was…

My husband and I received a lovely set of 4 Baccarat Diamant Champagne flutes as a wedding gift! They are simply gorgeous, and I vowed (to myself) to keep them safe until we moved into our own home and could enjoy using them in the most fitting of settings; New Year’s Eve in front of the fire place, our wedding anniversary celebration…etc.


Then it hit me…

Why should I wait? It was a gift given to us to enjoy together. And aren’t we together (ALL THE TIME)? Burrito night with bae was the perfect time! Even the card attached to the gift box said, “These are not intended to collect dust. Enjoy!”  so I opened two of the beautifully wrapped glasses, poured a little bubbly and surprised my husband!  We sipped like royalty! It was great!

How many of  us are saving something for the “right” or “Perfect” moment! Maybe it’s an outfit, a special gift, a china set, a special wig, a lip color…the list goes on!  I’ve said it before and it bears repeating… don’t wait, create your own occasion to put it to use! Break the rules! Do what makes you happy and enjoy the possessions you have!  If you’re saving a special  outfit… make dinner arrangements with your girls or your man, dress to the gawds, and take lots of pics!  If you have a special set of glasses or a china set, pull them out of the breakfront, set that table and relish in the moment!  Of course there will be times when you buy something for a very specific occasion, and I totally get it! However, if you have something that you’ve left untouched for months all in the name of waiting for the “right” moment… then I challenge you today, create “that” moment and simply enjoy!


Live your life and keep it stylish,



How I met my Husband (He’s Intentional)

14 Aug

FullSizeRender (3)

As I think of how my relationship has flourished over the past few years with my (now) husband, I can’t believe how wonderfully God orchestrated it all!  If you know me, then you probably know the story of “how I met my husband”. If you don’t, then keep reading and enjoy!

It was October 2012. I was driving down 95 South, heading back to my place in Virginia. I just spend a lovely weekend with my family in Philly.  As I passed through Delaware, the light drizzled that Glazed my car, turned into a heavy downpour! My car hit a puddle, and I could feel it losing control! It felt as if the entire world froze in that moment! I flew across 3 lanes, only to have the guard rail bring my car to a crashing halt! My Car was completely totaled… BUT GOD SPARED MY LIFE! I walked away unharmed and whole, and I am forever grateful for His protection! I had no idea that this was the start of a sequence of INTENTIONAL events that would lead me to my husband!

A few days later, I made my way back to Virginia and to the nearest Honda Dealership. As soon as I stepped out of my rental, guess who walked up to assist me?  Arkeem! He was calm, cool, collected! Definitely not your average car sales consultant! I could tell that he wasn’t from Va, which was confirmed during my test drive when he told me he was from Savannah, Ga. Come to find out we both made our way to Virginia to start a new journey in life! 

Although Arkeem and I had a great conversation, it was strictly business. I wanted to buy, he wanted to sell.  Neither one of us was looking for anything further than a car deal; however, we managed to stay in touch. An email was sent here, a double tap on Instagram there… very minor exchanges! It wasn’t until February (February 23rd to be exact) when Arkeem took it to the next level and asked me out to dinner!  

That dinner was the best first date I’ve ever had in my life! Our conversation was so natural and lively; No masks, no games, no pressure! I don’t even remember asking many questions, we pretty much eased into every thing you’d think to discuss on a “first date”. The tone was set for all of our moments together!  It was the start of a beautiful friendship, turned relationship, turned marriage for LIFE!

Sometimes, when we go through tragic experiences in life, we tend to focus on the negative outcome and miss the actually opportunity to let go and let GOD BLOW OUR MINDS!  Think about that… “Let go and let GOD BLOW YOUR MIND”!  For me, a car accident set me up to meet my husband!  What if I spent all of my time crying over the accident that I experienced and the car I lost, instead of focusing on God’s faithfulness and how He truly spared my life! My attitude/outlook may have caused me to delay (or even miss) my blessing!  I can’t even imagine! I am truly thankful that in that season I chose to focus on His goodness, and that He prepared me (mind, body and spirit) to meet my wonderful husband.

I urge you today, no matter what has happened, focus on God’s goodness and watch Him work wonders. He is intentional!


*Photo Cred: Douglas  James Studios

9 Signs that You have the BEST Bridesmaids Ever!

1 Jul

1. They stand by your side, hold you up, and get down and dirty to handle your light work…And actually have fun while doing it :-)Douglas James Studios

2. They notice your tears of joy, smile and remind you of how lovely your wedding will be, and that this is just the beginning of an amazing life with your wonderful husband :-) Theresa + Arkeem-0070
3. They. Do. This! 
Theresa + Arkeem-0062

4. They keep you calm, cool, collected and remind you of how GORGEOUS you look in your dress! “Don’t hurt ’em, Reese”Theresa + Arkeem-0083
5. They are picture-ready at all times… even when caught off guard <3!Theresa + Arkeem-0167

6. They know when to step in and dry that one tear, before your left eyelash flies off and lands on the minister notes! (too real)Theresa + Arkeem-0144

7. They follow your lead, hold your dress as needed, and DON’T take your bossiness personal (for that one day)Theresa + Arkeem-0229

8. They secretly request #TrapQueen at your reception because they know it brings out your inner ratchet!! :-pTheresa + Arkeem-0389

9. They understand that your wedding  is 100% about you and don’t mind at all!!Theresa + Arkeem-0232

I am so blessed to have had such  wonderful women by my side, who selflessly supported me on my special day! Thank you for the love and sacrifices you all made to be there for me! Love you xxoo :-)


-Stylreesta aka “Mrs. Dennis”

*Photo Cred: All photos captured and edited by  Douglas James Studios

Thank You! A note from Mrs. Dennis

7 Jun
I looked around the ballroom and saw everyone smiling, cheering for Keem and I in the name of love… It was such an indescribable moment! Our wedding was truly amazing and I cannot contain myself knowing that this was just the first day of many more to come! There just aren’t enough characters to express how amazingly blessed I am! No words powerful enough to thank God ALMIGHTY for His faithfulness! No language vast enough to thank all of our wonderful family and close friends for their outpouring of love and support! #WeareGrateful
Everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to celebrate our union… THANK YOU! It meant the world to us! Those of you who sent your well-wishes… May God bless you, richly! All of you who have sown into our lives both with your TIME and your TREASURY … may you reap a harvest of 100 fold! The windows of heaven are open to you!
I am overwhelmed when I think  of the goodness of my Father that was shown to Keem and I through all of YOU! I love you all and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for our lives!!
Photo by Douglas James Studios

Photo by Douglas James Studios

Stylishly with gratitude,
 -Stylreesta (aka Mrs. Dennis)

Solid Foundation: A Must Read for all Couples!

9 Apr

A few nights ago, my fiance and I decided to make dinner together!  He started prepping the meat, and true to form,  I stepped in to make the side dishes and add some finishing touches!  We moved in sync, laughed out loud and spoke of our future together… It was the start of a wonderful evening!

Out of nowhere I became especially hungry, and  started to nibble on a little bit of everything. I caught Keem’s judging eye a few times, but I didn’t pay it much attention. It wasn’t until I popped open a bag of popcorn, that he became a bit tense and told me what was on his mind… “You know, I can’t stand it when you eat while we cook”. This caught me totally off guard, and feeling attacked I replied with something very unfair. After a few exchanges, I rolled my eyes, stuffed the popcorn into the cabinet, and we went back to cooking…in silence.

Once everything was ready, we placed our respective dishes on the table. We locked eyes, and before I had a chance to say a word, Keem grabbed my hand and said “Let’s pray over the food. will you bow with me?” I shook my head in  agreement, and on our knees Keem prayed over everything, but the food! He prayed over our relationship, our future marriage, our understanding of each other, and his role as a husband. Tears streamed down my face, my mascara stained the carpet.  I was completely and utterly overwhelmed! And it was on that dining room floor that God met us, and humbled us with His presence!

After the prayer, and after a very long embrace,  Keem  and I spoke about what happened. Turns out he really just wanted us to enjoy the meal together, and was bothered that I was “digging in” before we could even sit at the table.  Made almost too much sense, especially since I made it very clear that eating dinner together is important to me. Ha!   It was a miscommunication that may not have been resolved so quickly had we not taken a moment to refocus in prayer.

What was intended to cause discord,  God turned it and used it to strengthened our relationship, not only with each other but more importantly with Him! Keeping God first, is more that a catchy hash-tag; It is an absolutely vital component needed to lay a SOLID (unmovable) foundation for a Godly and fruitful relationship! And it has to come from both parties involved.

Relationships aren’t always going to be “cookies and cream”!  We will disagree, we will roll our eyes,  but with God we are able to navigate through those not-so-sweet moments and come out with a better understanding of each other. It is most certainly a process, but through it we are determined to come out even stronger!

I’m getting married in 49 days!!


Keep is stylish,

-Stylreesta xoxo

Hair Chronicles: “Taming the Touch”, Your hair needs some R&R

12 Feb


Over the past week, I’ve been playing around with what I like to call a “protective style” for my relaxed hair.  I’ve already committed to a lifestyle of only using heat on my hair once a week (and for a very occasional spruce up); however, I am working on “taming the touch”. I touch and tousle my hair way more than I need to (like a boss, clearly evident in the pic above, Haa ^-^), and I do believe this can lead to breakage.  So, I found a style that stays in place and protects my most vulnerable, and frequently touched strands.


Two side flat twists, 3 bobbi pins, a double dose of moisture and I’m done! (I use the pin curl method nightly to keep the faux hawk a-fluff)

So, what do you think? I absolutely love it! lol! This style may not work for you, but I strongly believe everyone’s hair needs a break from time to time. Whether you are relaxed, natural or transitioning, our hair will always need care and attention for it to remain healthy! Whether you prefer braids, wigs, or twists, be sure to give your hair a little R&R from time to time and moisturize daily! Trust me, your hair will thank you, and be in good health :-) 

Keep it stylish, and protect those ends girl,

-Stylreesta xo



The one thing you must NEVER ignore (#ReachOut)

19 Jan




Have you ever thought about a friend or family member “randomly” while going about your day-to-day business?  You may  have been brushing your teeth, writing a proposal for a client, or driving home from work, and you just can’t shake the thought of wondering how they are doing.

When this happens, don’t ignore it!

Take the time to #ReachOut to that person… ASAP, and with a sense of urgency.  It may be a phone call, a simple text message, or even a quote of encouragement. Whatever you may feel the need to do, do it! I can’t even begin to count the number of times this has happened to me. When I took a moment to reach out,  the person truly needed it!  (Not to mention all the times my friends and family members reached out to me during my time of need, simply because I was on their minds!)

We never fully know all that a person is going through, especially during their low times. Stress, anxiety, and depression are REAL ISSUES! And often times we can be a source of light by simply checking in just to say, “you were on my mind”.  So today, I ask you all to  a vow and commit to making an effort to reach out when a person comes to mind! You never know, reaching out may be just the thing to change that person’s life!

Keep it stylish and #ReachOut


#ForwardthinkingFriday: 3 essential tips for a successful New Year

9 Jan

Happy New Year to all!  I don’t know about you all, but my year has definitely started off with an amazing B.A.N.G!

My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me on NYE (the best surprise ever)! We are so very happily engaged, preparing for our wedding and all of the martial bliss that shall be ours!  I hope yours is off to a fabulous start as well!

While we are all making a mental note of our New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2015, I absolutely must share a few helpful tips that  have helped bring my  goals and dreams to fruition over the past two years.  I hope you find them helpful :-)

1. Visualize your life and write it down! I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but it is worth repeating!  Many of you have visualized what you want your life to look like in the new year. You see yourself starting you own business, finally losing a few pounds, being a better friend, and possibly changing you morning habits and adopting a timely lifestyle. Some of you see yourself getting a new house, paying off your car, or finally finishing your first book and becoming a published (best-selling) author.  Whatever it is that you have visualized for this new year… WRITE IT DOWN! As a best practice I always buy a monthly/weekly planner with notes pages in the back.  I use these note pages to write down the goals, ideas and desires for the year!  Not only do I write them down, I write them as declarative and DEFINITIVE statements of thanks for what I KNOW I WILL ACCOMPLISH! Here is an example for 2015:

“Thank you, Lord for my  purposeful and organized living habits in 2015. My life is directly in line with my purpose. I am prepared and  on time for my engagements, I complete my assignments before they are requested, and I have embraced a life of excellence, doing away with FEAR, mediocrity, and procrastination!  My day begins and ends with purpose!

Once written, I then jot down flavorful reminders as I plan throughout the year. (check out my postSecrets to Success; Event *Planner*”)!

2. Be about it, don’t (just) talk about it: I am definitely a talker and love to share my dreams and excitement with the world!   I can hype up just about anything,  but where I often struggled was in bringing my ideas to fruition!  I am learning more and more every day how to make practical, purposeful-filled moves, that will help me accomplish my goals.  And once accomplished, I then share my successes (and the journey).

3. Schedule your Check-up: Schedule a check-up for a progress report. Set aside time to see how things are going. If you’ve taken steps forward, acknowledge it! Jot it down chronologically, if you can remember, and CELEBRATE! If you’ve fallen short of a few things, note it and move on. Your check-up should NEVER BE DESTRUCTIVE. Be honest with yourself, pinpoint what was off, and  move forward with a very direct and intentional plan.  Today is a great day to start fresh, as long as there is breath in your lungs it is never too late!

Remember, write it down, and be specific. If you desire to lose weight, how much? Do you want to lose belly fat, hire a personal trainer, or will you eliminate certain foods from your diet?  If you want to own your own business, what type of business? Have you settled on the services you will offer and the clients you will target? Write it down, get moving and get it done!  

Mark my words, this will be your best year yet! 

Keep it stylish and purposeful,



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